Wanted plastic plant pots

I’m wondering if anyone has any spare inner plant pots to fit inside main plant pots? Ideally I’d rather reuse some others have lying around than buy new plastic. These are the sort of pots I mean.

Ideally I’d be after 2 x 15cm and 3 x 24cm pots please.

I’m re- potting some of my indoor plants.

Alternatively, is there a method for house plants that doesn’t involve using an inner plastic pot inside the more decorative outside pot that enables the bottom of the plant to be kept dry I’d love to hear.


Ps will walk to collect :relaxed:

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You could add a layer of potting stones at the bottom of the indoor pot to do away with the plastic pot. That will then allow any excess water to sit there and drain from the soil


Interesting. Do you use any particular type of stones or will gravel from a path suffice? :relaxed:

I have a large stock of these. 16 cm across at the top, 14 cm deep. Any good?

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These would be brilliant. Could I walk and collect this week or next it I PM you? Thanks so much.

If you still need pots please let me know with sizes.

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