Wanted: Power washer

Before I make a trip to the amazing Library of things in CP, does anyone local have a power washer you could kindly lend?


I’ve got one you can barrow and I am off work today.
How long for?

Thanks @Foresthillnick! Just seen this. Are you around at all this week? Only need it for an hour or so when the weather picks up.

I’m at work Wed-Fri but we can work something out when it suits!

Brill!! Thanks. I could pop round today if you’re free? Also whats the best way to share details and not on public forum?

You can drop Nick a private message by tapping his name and then tapping :email: Message

Note to other members: Private messaging is automatically enabled when you have participated in the forum for a while. Alternatively you can fast-track this by getting your profile verified.


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