Wanted: PVC and carrier bags


I’m looking for plastic carrier bags or
Any pvc items


Hi Treeman. I have loads of Ocado/ tesco online carrier bags I’m happy to put outside my house for you to collect if you PM me. Was going to send recycle them at the big Sainsburys if not.

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Hi pea

I forgot to mention there a good site for free food collect olio

Yes please I can collect on Tuesday if that’s ok also if you have any clear plastic like dry cleaning etc

Thanks very much

Great. PM me and I’ll leave them on my doorstep :blush: my tesco last week came with crate sized clear plastic bags so these may be better for you too. I’ll put them all out for you though.

I have a car boot load of Ocado carrier bags - do you still want more?

Are the home delivered bags

You got any dry cleaning plastic
I’m doing a project I need shiny colour clear plastic


Sorry, no. Just these:

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That’s a great picture I take it you still shop with ocado.


Have Ocado stopped paying customers for the carrier bags they return?

Hi Christine

That’s exactly what I was going to say to you I used to get 5p back lol

Correct - they are not taking any bags back right now due to Covid-19 and drop things from a distance.

I’m not sure if/when they plan to resume the old carrier bag return system, but I need the space back so am looking to recycle them by any other means.

Hi treeman,

I think I’ve got quite a few large clear plastic “bags” like dry cleaning is returned in. I’ll have a look in my cupboards and see if I can find them! I’ve also have some smaller plastic carrier bags that I get fruit and vegetables in from the market that are in various plain colours but not particularly shiny or see through. Are they any good to you?

Hi Christine

I love if you find those bags in ye cupboard

Wish I could have a look

Regards Plastique

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I’ll let you know when I’ve had a hunt and if I’m successful I’ll let you know so you can come and collect from Sunderland Rd.

Lovely Christine thanks

Thanks pea

Where can I collect

Regards Niall

You can collect tomorrow :blush: do you want to PM me and I’ll arrange a time

Hi @pea - best if you PM @treeman, as he is a new member, and PMing is not enabled for new members by default.

Ok I’ll message tomorrow thank you