Wanted: Sewing Service


Are there any dressmaker or someone who
Good at sewing I need couple of facemask made in clear pvc

is a good idea? Isn’t PVC impermeable?

There are some lip reading FDA approved surgical masks in the USA. If that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for, I’m sure there will be a British equivalent that’s breathable, doesn’t fog and is safe. Making your own from pvc sounds risky, as @Beige says.

I’ve seen some on line there fine

something like this?

I don’t see any holes in the PVC so no idea what the filter is for.

this makes a bit of sense for lipreading purposes, but suspect they would be much less comfortable than a fabric mask.

Would love to see what you come up with!

Edit: Ah - is this what the clear plastic you were looking for is for? Makes sense now

I have my own fabric which I want made up.

Yeah, I get that, I was just trying to work out how a pvc mask would function.

Thanks martin

Hi Mary
Why are they not safe?

I took the liberty of changing the thread title to make it easier to find for anyone who might be able to help you.

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Well I thought you couldn’t breathe through pvc. If you know otherwise, then my apologies.

I see now from later posts that you already have the material you want to use and presumably a pattern too. And I’m sure you’re aware (but I’ll say this in case others don’t know) that any mask has to be breathable and can get hot. But if you see someone wearing a mask with a little valve on it, it’s probably an exhalation valve. It cools down the wearer by letting out heat and preventing CO2 build up, but offers no protection to the non wearer. Also you can’t burn pvc as it’s toxic, so dispose of carefully.

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Great stuff Martin

Your correct Mary it’s not breathable but it’s not sealed over your face so you can breathe

If it’s not fitting, then that drastically reduces the protection afforded to the wearer. I’ll dig out the sums.

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