Wanted - small small amount of Mortar

Hello. I’m wondering if anyone can help please.

I have a tiny tiny crack in a garden wall I want to fix and need probably about a small tupperwares size tubs worth of mortar (which I can just add water too). Is anyone having any building work done and could spare me some?

It would be about enough to fill a big butter tub. Annoyingly it only comes in 25kg bags :grimacing:

I live on Woolstone Rd so can walk up in the next week to collect. Many thanks.

There’s a Bellways site on Mayow road next to Forest Hill Boys. I doubt they’d object.


I have builders sand and cement if that’s what you need (and live close by).

Don’t you need to wait for the the temperature to rise though? I am waiting for it to for a similar job.

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Hello. Brilliant. Oh that’s interesting, probably… I will do more research. If I could DM you to collect, although seems like no rush :cold_face: with the weather. Thanks.