WANTED (temporarily) i.e. borrow - child buggy with standing board

Hi. My friend has her daughter coming over to the UK from Zimbabwe…along with her daughters’ 2 children (for a first time visit to the UK).

I think the daughter needs to be careful with the weight of all their airline luggage - therefore, once over here, they really need the loan of a buggy with a standing board. Duration of loan needed… from 2nd October to 16th October. My friend lives opposite North Dulwich station, and I think her hubby could come and collect the buggy in his Vauxhall Astra and then return. Please can anybody help?

Many thanks

Not really an answer to your q, but I’ll share my experience anyway. Whenever I have flown long haul with kids the buggy has been a separate, free, allowance. Getting around the airport is a LOT easier with one and I usually check it at the gate. I suspect the standing board would be allowed too, if not then just finding one of those locally might be an option too.


Same as @Beige pushchairs have always been free on airlines when we have used them (just BA and EasyJet I think). We also typically check-in at the gate, but they can go in the hold. If you do check in at the gate, you sometimes collect at the gate at the other end, sometime with the bags…it’s not always what you are told…

Anyway you could potentially buy one second hand and then resell, or people sometimes give them away free. Check out SE23 mums or some charity shops (getting it with the board is probably harder) - but if you ask there you might get a chance of a loan if someone is going away at the same time.

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Just to add that you can buy special holdall-bags to put a pushchair in (gives it some protection in the hold and keeps it dry if it’s raining on the tarmac), and I’ve chucked the buggy board in there too, so it goes in the free pushchair allowance. I’ve done this a couple of times and it’s never been a problem or even questioned and seems entirely reasonable to me.

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