WANTED: The Beatles CD's

Hi! - is there anyone local who has bought all the Beatles LP’s on CD, then transferred them to a more modern version of storage and therefore no longer need their CD’s?

I’m looking to buy the CD’s - not to transfer onto a more modern medium (don’t know how) …but because at least I’ve moved on technology-wise and got myself a CD player!! - lol. OK - I can download each song individually to listen to it via my phone - it’s so quiet and tinny that I place my phone on a cushion and have to lean in towards it.

I’d like to be able to listen to the Beatles on my psychedelic CD player.

Is anybody selling their old Beatles CD collection? I’m looking for most of their album stuff apart from the White Album - that doesn’t inspire me at all.

Not me. But once upon a time I used to scour charity shops for interesting CDs. As many move their music collections into an electronic format… .or like me rely on Spotify I’ve seen more and more CDs show up there and usually very cheaply.

Of course there’s also Leaf and Groove on Dartmouth Roads. Proceeds of which go to support the Forest Hill Library

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I’ll keep a look out for you in Crofton Park library as we often have CDs donated. :blush:

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Really think you missed a trick in not starting the title of this thread with “Help!”


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