Wanted: upholstery cleaning



Can someone recommend a local company to shampoo a couple of sofas?

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Anyone? I’m still sitting on grubby sofas here…


There is a Company that puts leaflets through doors about every 2 to 3 months with reduced prices when they are in the area. I have used them two or three times and have no complaints.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember their name and the last leaflet was thrown out.
Their leaflets are blue and white with usual and sale prices.
Next time I get one I’ll post details, or they may leaflet your area before then.


Hi Rachel, we have used Arc Cleaning services on many occasions. It’s a small company, run by a man called Angus. Call 0208 289 1508. He’s also very reasonable price wise.


I had a look on here as we have a Loaf sofa but during building work something was spilt and while the sofa was in a room freshly plastered it grew a damp stain. Unfortunately the companies recommended here couldn’t deal with mould. I was gutted as the sofa is not that old and was an investment.

I ended up using a company called Safeclean North London who were great. Recommended by Loaf and did a really thorough job and fixed the stain. Couldn’t recommend enough.

Thought I’d share as they do sofas/ beds / carpets etc. Not the cheapest but you seem to get what you pay for- he was here nearly 3 hours and charged £120.