Wasp nest removal

Anyone have any experiences with getting rid of a wasp nest? Looks like the little blighters have taken up residence in the air gaps in the brickwork along the rest of our house.

Not really feeling up to tackling it myself with two toddlers running around, so looking for any local recommendations.


We used k&o, came out the same day and wasps gone within a couple of hours.

Thanks for that - I’ll give them a call first thing Monday morning!

Another vote for K&O. We get a succession of wasps nests - they build new ones beside old ones. I leave them be unless they are invading the house, tbh. They die off in the autumn. Had to get K&O in when builders split a nest open when removing a chimney!

Thanks both,

Normally I’m much more sanguine about sharing our property with the local wildlife, but unfortunately my wife is allergic to wasp stings - in a potentially ‘go straight to hospital, do not pass go’ kind of way - so the little blighters had to go, especially as they had taken up residence directly under our back room windows.

Anyway, I ended up using Mark from Combat Pest Control ( http://www.combatpestcontrol.com/pest-control/south-east-london ), purely because I happened to bump into him on Saturday while he was finishing up a similar job for one of our neighbours, and he was able to pop round immediately.

He seemed knowledgeable, very courteous and did a good job (as far as I can tell). Turns out the company specialises in giving jobs to ex-servicemen, and gives back some of the proceeds to military charities. All a big thumbs up from me!


Anyone know any pest control services? We appear to have wasps in the attic. Thanks in advance.

@Alisa - I’ve moved your post into the existing topic, so please see above for recommendations.

Lewisham Council have a wasp service.

If they are in your house probably a good idea as the larvae are most unpleasant to have around.

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thanks everyone!

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