Watch Repair?



There are loads of watch repair services online. Send watch in… get quote… make decision. But does anyone have a particular watch repair company they use locally, or one online that they’ve had good service/prices from?

I’ve an old Seiko which has stopped working and its not a battery issue.

Recommended shops and services in SE23

I have to day, Seiko are not cheap to service but very good at it. Having just sent two Seiko’s in for servicing I did wince at the bill but the guarantees outweigh the prices. On two occasions I have put watches into so called ‘specialists’ only to have a bad result. The exception is the watch repair place in Bleeding Heart Yard. Can’t remember the name but Google should help.


Tah. A place in Hatton Garden is my fall back.

Couldn’t find anything called Seeks?


You obviously were not using a Sony phone?:slight_smile:


Ah Seiko. Not Seeks. Ooops.


It was seeks, until I corrected it. Place is called Topical Time, Bleeding Heart Yard.


There’s a small shop on Dartmouth Rd that does repair. Had mine fixed all goods. Near the Archie Parker


Yep - the watch repairers on Dartmouth Rd (A L Hamilton) is the man I go to. Good service at a relatively cheap price.


Also can recommend A J Hamilton on D Rd & think he’s been there from the early 70’s. Lovely local & knows his stuff :slight_smile:


I would recommend Hamilton’s as well. Was going to suggest them in the first place, but thought a specialist menders would be required.


Thank you all. I will try Hamilton’s first then. I’ll let you know how we get on.


After bigging up Seiko my watch arrived home on Monday, the second hand then fell off. To give credit to Seiko they have refunded me the repair price and postage and are now having another go. I would try the Dartmouth Road lot :slight_smile:


Hi there - for traditional watches and clocks there is a shop full of lovely old ticking clocks and and expert repair man at Allen & Wainwright, 33a Burnt Ash Hill SE12 0AE. He also repairs music boxes and jewellery.


On the basis of these recommendations my OH just took in a couple of watches to be fixed. Sadly it seems Hamiltons are closing down by Christmas :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes I just heard about that tonight. Do you know why? It is a shame, but I suppose it’s a jewellers that goes unnoticed a lot. :frowning:


Try Hatton Garden?


Not sure…thankfully for us the watches were fixed but they were selling their stock off as “they were closing down by Christmas”…I confess I’d never noticed it before.


Mr Patel told me that business has been falling off . Young people don’t use jewellers (and do they wear watches? My daughter doesn’t. ) And too much online competition. So he’s reluctantly decided to retire.


Yes this is correct. I understand that the children have their own careers and so do not want to carry on the family business. I think they are closing in January and everything is half price now.

This is a sad loss for the area.


Is he taking any new business? I haven’t taken the watch in yet.