Watch the Live Video Webcast of the Mayor & Cabinet Meeting on the 8th of February at 6:00pm



Hello Everyone

Please join the first session tomorrow at 6:00 pm using this link and get involved:

The Council Democratic Service seeks to make it easier for busy residents to stay in touch with important decisions that affect them. Every month at the Lewisham Civic Centre, the Mayor and his cabinet discuss budget and matters relevant to resident of the Lewisham Borough.

These meetings will now be broadcasted live using webcast technology, giving us the ability to watch the meeting live, download information/document, give feedback or make comments during this live webcast.


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Thanks @ChrisBeach @Londondrz. I couldnt ask you for a favour to post this on the facebook paget if you think it would be appropriate and relevant for the group?


Announced on the Facebook and Twitter channels. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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No problem @Bibi - in fact no change required on our social channel posts, as they link to this forum topic, and I see you have amended your original post with the new link.


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