Water leak on Manor Mount



Does anyone know the reason for the chronic water leak issues on Manor Mount? We’ve only been here for less than a year and seen Thames Water working there multiple times only for it to spring a leak soon afterwards. On Saturday evening there was also a leak on Honor Oak Road where it meets Manor Mount.


Victorian pipes. Break easily and would cost trillions (literally) to replace them all so the water companies use a sticking plaster approach.


There are pre-Victorian pipes in this area and yes they break easily. It would not cost trillions to replace them though - a ridiculous suggestion, literally.


With 13,000 miles of pipes under London alone so less ridiculous than you would suggest.


A little off topic I know, but kinda relevant. This media release from 2012 has some astonishing figures in it!!


Leakage reduction activities between 2004, when leakage levels peaked at 946Ml/d, and 2010
reduced leakage by 276Ml/d.


I had a look in their website about pipe replacement work https://corporate.thameswater.co.uk/About-us/Investing-in-our-network/Victorian-mains-replacement and it looks like Honor Oak is on the list for the next cycle of replacements – not sure this would cover Manor Mount though.