Water outage


Have just woken up in the night to find none of my water is working - according to the Thames Water website and Twitter there’s been a leak on Brockley Rise, so I presume it’s to do with that. Anybody else facing a similarly showerless morning?


Am on Brockley Rise and not a drop of water either.

Waterless in Codrington Hill too.

Time to start boiling up buckets of snow… :wink:

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We’ve got low water pressure over in Forest Hill - we’re at the top of Taymount Rise so any local leaks tend to affect our pressure!

Burst water pipe on Kilmorie Road - water flowing all down the street. We have water but the pressure is low.

Codrington Hill dry as a bone - and freezing with no central heating. Thankfully just enough in the kettle for a coffee!

We’re on Codrington Hill. Our water went off in the night but thankfully the heating is on. Not sure the Brockley Rise leak showing on the Thames Water website is the problem as I reported that to them over a week ago - suspect it’s something more recent and weather-related!

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Thames Water are reporting big leaks in SE19 and SE27 - maybe that is affecting here as well?

We are Stillness and no water here either!

Gonna be a busy morning for Thames Water engineers…

Sorry to hear about this situation - missing out on a hot shower can’t be a good start to the day :open_mouth:

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No water on Duncombe Hill :frowning:

Very little cold water on Bovill Road and no hot water.



No water in St Germans Road. Thankfully the heating is working tho! I’m working from home as there’s no heating in the office… :grimacing:

The Brockley Rise Centre will be closed today (Thursday 1 March) due to the burst water main affecting the area.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Our neighbours over in SE22 are reporting that there is a big water leak at the top of Lordship Lane - the one that perennially causes issues on the SE22/SE23 borders.

Just phoned Thames Water. They can’t provide an ETA and as they don’t have any updates on where they are with the investigation, they haven’t updated their website for the “se23/se4 Repairing a Leak” since 9.50 this morning. https://inyourarea.thameswater.co.uk/issue?id=R18

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Is the fact it hasn’t been repaired linked to this?

Does anyone have any more intel? We’re on Park Rise Rd (near the Honor Oak pub); got a text from thames water two hours ago stating the leak was fixed… but we’ve still got no water(!)