Water outage



We are on another side of the railway from you, we dont have water. SE23-2XB
I think we just dont have water because it either has not reached us or there is another bursting pipe


We have water in Church Rise, very slightly lower pressure but it’s flowing.

Getting bigger coverage now too.




Our pressure reached near normal mid-afternoon but has been tapering off all evening. I’d say we have about a third of our normal pressure as of 10pm.


Sounds like there are still some pretty big issues out there. The water over in SW16 is still problematic. The supply up in Crystal Palace has been interrupted for repairs. High Level Drive water distribution point has just been restocked.

Not looking good for some.


Love the new @RachaelDunlop image.

Is this related to the water shortage ?

I think we should be told - otherwise how do we know it’s the real you.


Finally have a little bit of water again in SE23 2UW. I am scared to get too excited as it did not stay on very long earlier, but hopefully it’s good news.


Still nothing in Standlake. Hopefully this evening we will get some. Considering that everyone who is getting using it, it takes ages to fill all pipes.


#SW16/#SW17:We’re increasing the amount of water being fed into the system, but we are still not seeing pressure build up as much we’d like – but pressure is increasing. We believe that there is air trapped in the system and we’re currently working to bleed the air out (1/2)


Have you contacted LH just in case?


Yes, just spoke to them. They say it is not enough pressure in pipes.



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Thanks everyone for the replies and the info shared here. Is there any way that a Non-UK citizen can talk to the Forest Hill MP? Thames Water cat and mouse “you will have water by that time” needs to be complained about.


If you have right to remain in the UK, then the MP is your representative as well and should be fully accessible.


Thanks. Yes, I have the right to remain but not a full citizen yet (although tax payer since 2013).

I will write to her regarding this.


This response deserves to gets you added to the candidate list for Good Citizen of the Year Award.



Not a mention of SE23 or surrounding areas on Sky News. Maybe someone needs to point them over here…


We have water !!!
SE23-2XB Standlake Point
Good pressure as it used to be!

Thank you Thames Water guys!