Water pressure issues Sunderland Road (Now resolved)

Just noticed that our water pressure In Sunderland Road is really low. Looks like there’s a leak a bit further up the road. Thames Water have logged it on their website. Hopefully fixed soon. https://www.thameswater.co.uk/help-and-advice/issue?id=L78


Thanks for posting. At least I know it’s not just me but it’s not great timing for those trying to get ready for a Saturday night out!

I registered on Thames Water for text updates and have just received this:

We need to carry out repair work in your area today which may lead to low pressure or no water. We’re really sorry. We’re fixing it as quickly as we can

I now have no water at all so hopefully that means they’ve shut if off completely to do the repair!

Yep. The timing is most inconvenient. Luckily I wasn’t planning on going out and thankfully there’s lots of food delivery options! I see there’s also an issue on Stanstead Road.

Yes I saw the Stanstead Road issue too! It’s annoying that the Thames Water’s website doesn’t show the dates/times each incident was reported so you have no way of knowing which one is probably affecting your water supply!.

Latest text update from Thames Water:

Your water supply should soon be back to normal as we have now finished our repair. We are sorry for the disruption this has caused

Just checked and I have normal pressure back. Nice quick work from Thames Water.

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Mine too!

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Looks like there are more issues on Sunderland Road. Water pressure is way down again. Just a trickle. Luckily managed to have a shower. And looks like it’s the same place as last time. Anyone else having issues?


I’ve been around all day and haven’t noticed any issues this time. Are you back to normal now?

Back to normal when I got home later Sunday evening. Our neighbours also had issues as well. However seems to be resolved now.

Anybody in Sunderland Road with low water pressue again this morning? It was fine earlier as I did a load of washing around 8am, and ran a bowl of hot water about an hour ago to do some washing up but now not enough presssure to activate the boiler and a trickle coming out of the cold tap! Nothing reported on Thames Water as yet!

Update #1: Thames Water advised they have already had a report and map now updated. A neighbour has just driven past Perrymount School and advised they are working there so sounds like it’s the same place as the last 2 times!

**Update #2 @ 15:30 ** Water is back on.but the annoying thing is that this work was apparently planned and we should have received a letter informing us the work would be happening from 10am today. Nobody in my block of flats has received a letter or the house next door!