Water pressure issues Sunderland Road

Just noticed that our water pressure In Sunderland Road is really low. Looks like there’s a leak a bit further up the road. Thames Water have logged it on their website. Hopefully fixed soon. https://www.thameswater.co.uk/help-and-advice/issue?id=L78


Thanks for posting. At least I know it’s not just me but it’s not great timing for those trying to get ready for a Saturday night out!

I registered on Thames Water for text updates and have just received this:

We need to carry out repair work in your area today which may lead to low pressure or no water. We’re really sorry. We’re fixing it as quickly as we can

I now have no water at all so hopefully that means they’ve shut if off completely to do the repair!

Yep. The timing is most inconvenient. Luckily I wasn’t planning on going out and thankfully there’s lots of food delivery options! I see there’s also an issue on Stanstead Road.

Yes I saw the Stanstead Road issue too! It’s annoying that the Thames Water’s website doesn’t show the dates/times each incident was reported so you have no way of knowing which one is probably affecting your water supply!.

Latest text update from Thames Water:

Your water supply should soon be back to normal as we have now finished our repair. We are sorry for the disruption this has caused

Just checked and I have normal pressure back. Nice quick work from Thames Water.

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Mine too!

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