Water supply outage in SE23

Anyone else affected and any news? Just tried the tap and nothing.

Thames water are aware there’s a problem https://www.thameswater.co.uk

Similarly we have no water on Taymount Rise. The Thames Water website says:
We’re aware this area is currently experiencing low pressure or no water. Our specialist engineers are working hard to get the supply back to normal.

Alas there is no ETA. I’ll give them a call later to get more info

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And Twitter says:
We’re aware customers are seeing low pressure/no water this morning due to a burst on King Garth Mews. Our team is onsite working to restore supplies back to normal as soon as we can.

Hopefully they’ll get it back up and running today… fingers crossed.

Yep no water at the top of Taymount Rise. Thames Water said if the repair took time they would deliver a mobile tank. Let’s hold them to that.

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We have very very low water pressure on David’s Road, barely a trickle coming out the taps

And behind the Sylvan Post too

This is the link. Just what we need - another rush on water bottles.

Yup same on Derby Hill - a trickle downstairs, nothing upstairs.

No water on Pearcefield Avenue

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Has anyone seen any Thame Water vans / engineers on the area yet? Thanks

Big leak on the 205 by Sainsbury’s digger in the road and a bunch of vans and men around it.

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Good, at least they’re on it asap. Nothing in Waldenshaw Road either

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Brenchley Gardens checking in, no water here.

Just make sure you all remember to keep washing your hands… oh wait.

Does it count if you wash your hands in beer? I’ve plenty of that in.

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I’m hoping it will be limited to number per household but I don’t know how they are going to track that!

This has happened twice in the last month! So annoying

There is alcohol in beer after all. So yes :grinning:

It’s nice to see Ellie adding her support too:


Hi all,

For those who don’t know me, I’m one of the local councillors in FH.

I’ve spoken to Thames Water. They’re working on fixing the issue at the same time as re-routing water from elsewhere, so that people have access to water in the meantime.

They are also currently looking for the best location from which to distribute bottled water, if needs be (given COVID19).

They don’t know more about timings at the moment but should have more information after their next operational call, at 11am.

I’ve asked that all customers get contacted (regardless of whether they’re water dependent), but if you need to contact them directly, the number is 08003169800.

I will update with more info when I have it.

Sorry that everyone is experiencing this at this time!



None down Bird in Hand Passage either… wide area it seems.