Waters - Fishmonger & Greengrocer - Now open

Hi Forest Hill

After much listening and a lot of hard work, we are very pleased to be bringing to you


We hope to be open for business by the end of August, with just a little more help from you guys & girls we will hopefully be able to have in stock everything you would like.

Help us make Waters as community driven as possible. Tell us what you would like to see by filling out our contact form.


Our aim is to provide seasonal and sustainable produce to ensure the tastiest, most reasonably priced fish and groceries that we can, so that everybody can benefit from a healthy and nutritious diet. As part of our ethos we will be aiming to be zero waste within the first year and hope that you will help us on that mission.

We can’t wait to share with you all, this exciting new venture and look forward to meeting you and sharing our plans for the future.

Much thanks

Waters SE23


Hey guys… any update? I’ve not seen much action in the new location.

Popped into Cucina last nigh6tvand they are looking forward to a quality supplier on their doorstep.


Just thought we’d pop a little update here.

We are still opening. There is no confirmed date yet.

Lots more to do with the building than first anticipated sadly.

We are hoping to get the fish side of things up and running in the next few weeks. Keep and eye on our twitter and facebook for more updates.

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Really looking forward to this opening :yum:


Waters now open & looking/tasting great. Had salmon last night - very generous portion & great price. Also veges & fruit fantastic quality…HAPPY DAYS for Perry Vale. Might even take a bit of the depression away from our closed road!!


Just been in here tonight for the first time…really impressed! We got some beautiful smoked mackerel and a fine array of veg which looks delicious. Really nice to have a proper greengrocer nearby. Also collecting for the Food Bank. Will definitely use on a regular basis - hopefully the signage will improve and entice more people in as this is a great addition to FH.

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@WatersSE23 - the first commercial post for new shopfront businesses is now free of charge, so I have moved your post into the main forum.

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Thanks Chris.

Can you clarify business hours? Passed many times to see the place closed. Can you also give a sense of what you stock? The ‘range’ looks small from the street when I have seen you open.

Our business hours are usually (Christmas & New Year was different) as follows…

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - 4- 7:30
Wednesday - 10.30 - 7.30
Thursday - 10.30 - 7.30
Friday - 10.30 - 7.30
Saturday - 10.30 - 5
Sunday - 11 - 2

However, unfortunately due to a technical problem we will be closed tomorrow and possibly Friday.

As far as the range goes we stock all your ‘every day’ fruit and veg, plus herbs, and try to keep it seasonal as much as possible. We get asked for specific items and so naturally we will get those in but they will come at a higher price if they are out of season.

Fish wise we regularly stock salmon, cod, skate, monkfish, sea bass, stone bass, squid, oysters, smoked haddock, sashimi grade tuna and a selection of cooked and hot smoked fish. This will of course change depending on seasonality and what is available at the market. We are still getting other different things in to see what sells and what doesn’t and will continue to do this.

If there is anything that you would like specifically then we can always try and get it in for you with a few days notice. All our contact details can be found at www.watersenterprises.co.uk

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You guys need to put a notice in the window if this is the case, I’ve been twice to find you closed when you should have been open.

My wife bought some lovely fish from you a week and a half ago. I love having a fish monger in the area, but I do think you need to improve the signage as the place could be mistaken for having not opened yet.

The building is going to be covered in scaffolding soon so we decided against putting the sign-age up only for it to get ruined by the works being carried out.

Our Christmas & New Year hours were advertised on a poster in the window and across our social media platforms.

We will have an A-frame out the front soon.

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Yeah. I was there just after 7 today and it was shut tight.

Sorry, possibly should have been clearer about Christmas & New Year. Billingsgate hasn’t reopened until this morning so we were still closed on Wednesday from the festive period.

Sadly tomorrow will be the same because of our technical problem.

I was lucky enough to meet the guys yesterday and to get a guided tour of their premises and an insight into what they’re doing here.

Clearly, the shop is a work in progress, but it gives you no perspective of the extensive behind-the-scenes prep areas and walk-in refridgeration etc, all of which demonstrates the level of investment and ambition behind this project; and the word project is chosen very carefully in this instance because this is not just another shop.

I would urge people to be patient here because this will be a very important long-term player in SE23.

I take my hat off and applaud the massive commitment - and I wish this project every success.


Brilliant, thanks AJ.

Based on location thus convenience I really hope this enterprise succeeds and in fact extend their product range sometime in the future.

Hopefully @WatersSE23 will take some comments and helpful advice and work a bit harder to keep new and potential customers informed across social media and with clear signage instore for those of use who don’t Tweet.

Good luck guys.