Waters - Fishmonger & Greengrocer - Now open



Based on location, half of forest hill lives on this side of the tracks, sorry in case misinterpreted your post star man


A shop doesn’t need to be ‘convenient’ if it offers things you can’t get elsewhere. The Butchery is not at all convenient for me. I have to make a special trip, forward planned and remembering which days they are open, but I do it because once we’d had their mince beef we just couldn’t go back to supermarket muck.


I agree with this, though to be fair most butchers will sell you mince (and meat) that far exceeds a supermarket in terms of quality. These days we use Proud Sow for the same reasons but do use the Butchery and others on occasion. Am pleased to say that we haven’t bought supermarket meat, or fish, in over 10 years now.

I may well be visiting Waters soon. Our usual fishmonger, the excellent Sopers, are shut right now and will be for another week I believe. Didn’t realise this until I cycled over there last week. So much for forward planning.


By convenience I meant convenient to pick up items for a meal on the way home. I use Coop but am not a fan of their fresh food nor the chain in general.

When I read Hugh de Long Name from that River Cottage place’s book - MEAT I swore I’d never buy supermarket mince (or beef) again.


I knew what you meant, @starman, and I think a business like this will be successful if it can both catch the people who regular pass the door AND be enticing enough that others make a special trip to shop there.


The location is very convenient- about as close to the station as you can imagine. But even more conveniently they stay open until 7:30pm, which is ideal for picking up something fishy on my way home. I can even check if they are open from the station platform as I pull in.

As for signage, they have said that there is scaffolding going up soon to work on the roof, so there is no point having good signage until this work is completed.


We chose our opening hours specifically for convenience of those getting off the train on their way home from work. We extended them to a late afternoon Tuesday opening when we were originally closed and have now extended that further to being open 10:30 - 7:30 on the Tuesday too.

As soon as we can get our signage up we will. Its been sitting out the back since August and we want it up asap but there is no point in our lovely signs being ruined by scaffolding. Its just as frustrating for us not to have them up.

We will be using the scaffolding as an opportunity to spruce up the outside of the shop and then get the signage up.

Our hours over Christmas and New Year did differ from those written on the door, however we had posters up in both windows with the holiday opening hours on. They are also plastered across our website, google business profile and social media platforms.

As @Anotherjohn said we are work in progress. We are adding to our stock every time we visit the market. We have got a new display fridge which is housing fresh salads and a selection of fish. We have a display freezer with a good selection of frozen shell fish which we will continue to grow this year.

There are plans to open up a juice bar to keep in line with our zero waste practices. Steve makes a point of talking to everyone who comes in and telling them about his plans for the future.

Huge thanks to those who have come by to support us. We are very lucky to be part of such a friendly community.


Superb and thanks for update.


Just met Liam and his colleague (I am sorry, I didnt get her name). Really nice people. Looking forward to sushi Saturday AND!! the new cabinet opening which will have Asian herbs and spices as well as oils etc. Hope I got that right Liam. Good to meet you both and looking forward to my salmon tonight.


‪It’s #SashimiSaturday here.

We have sashimi grade Tuna, salmon, squid and Yellowtail Hamachi.

We’re open from 10:30 - 5:00.


On my way, keep some for me.


Lovely fresh salmon and Mackrell. Also met @FowlMouths and look forward to eating at next week.


Nice to meet you John. Must confess, my ears pricked up when I heard you mention se23.life!
See you next week :blush:


Also, massive props to @WatersSE23. Only met Steve for the first time to discuss supplying us & his produce & dedication to quality is top-notch. Everyone loved the salmon & squid & can’t see myself ever going anywhere else for seafood.


Anyone have a phone number for these guys? So much posting on Twitter, forums and a website but no phone number. Frustrating.


Hi, We do not currently have a phone number available. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Was excited to see a local fishmongers and grocers in the area.
It’s disappointing however that certainly some produce seems to not be locally sourced, including things you might expect to be such as apples (from France), and mushrooms (based on the stickers and boxes visible).
It would also be helpful to include signage about where produce is coming from so that consumers can make informed decisions about what they’re buying.


Where exactly is this shop located in FH?


On the corner of Waldram Crescent and Perry Vale. Used to be the door shop.


Had amazing tuna steaks last night from there. There’s a forist op up there this weekend