Waters fishmongers



I know Waters have a sign up saying they are closed until further notice, but does anyone know what’s happening? I love that place and now I’m getting concerned.

Would love to know that they will be reopening.

Contemplating a new casual-dining restaurant/cocktail concept in the area

Crikey. I hadn’t noticed. This from Twitter.

So yes. Hope everything is okay.


My wife was told the owner had hurt his foot and couldn’t go to get fish from the market (that’s obviously second had info). Very strange indeed.

I’d really like a thriving fishmongers, but a couple of their decisions do not seem like a good way to run a new business.


I went in to get some fish a couple of weeks ago and was told the same thing about the hurt foot from the guy who was in there. The next day was when it closed for good, so it’s been two weeks now.

Seems very strange really and such a shame.


Pretty clearly gone forever. Shame.


They tweeted (I think) that they were reopening at the end of the month.



Good news. Good produce and nice people.


Oh, fantastic. So happy to be wrong.


Start of September, anyone know if they have reopened ?


Waters is closed today I’m afraid se23blue. I do hope we see them open again soon. Steve and the team are so nice and fantastic at what they do. Fingers crossed that they make a speedy return :crossed_fingers:


I’m with you on this guys, hope Steve & the team return soon. I’ll drop him a message tomorrow xx


I do wish them all the best but I can’t help but think that this is not the best way to run a successful shop.
When they first launched it was a bit hit and miss - no signage and easy to miss if you didn’t know they were there and it seemed to take a long time for them to get organised. They seemed to have great ideas (opening late, food donations, zero waste etc) but perhaps lacking in implementation. Not that I have ever tried to run a shop and I am sure it isn’t easy but what customers want is consistency, good produce and decent prices. I think it may be hard to get going again.


The problem is the rates,rent and utilities still have to be paid even when there is no income from the shop.


I must admit I’m finding this strange. We actively tried to support the shop and went on frequently - when they closed the fact that it never occurred to them to update social media (until a couple of months had passed) to let us know what was going on seemed odd.

I’m away at the moment but disappointed to see that the shop hasn’t reopened as promised. I do hope they open soon but I agree that it seems a strange way to run a business.


Running/launching a small business is very difficult. I find the people that launch them very courageous. I’d never do it.


Always good fish and really convenient, so I’m hoping they do reopen. It had a really positive impact on my diet having all that lovely fish and veg.


There sashimi Saturdays were great.


Loved dealing with Steve & the team supplying fish for my pop ups. Really fresh, beautiful produce and I loved how Steve would always be on the look out for new, interesting produce. Hope Waters comes back, especially since the signage got sorted so hopefully people know where it is more


Maybe when they do come back, @WatersSE23 can turn it into a positive and do a relaunch. Handing out some leaflets and samples on the other side of the subway, for example, would raise awareness for people who don’t normally venture onto our side of the tracks.