Waters fishmongers



Ooooh sorry for using the phrase incorrectly. I simply mean he is returning 120% of what he receives.
As for the offer, I’m still struggling to see how a business that can’t build revenue from being open once before, can possibly get back up and running, and return “invested money”, and survive.


ah, right, yes he is. But he certainly pays less than £10 for £12 of sold fish (maybe about £6… probably less).


This whole situation makes me sad. I was a big fan of their fish and a stop by Waters was becoming a regular on our weekend The Butchery --> Sainsbury’s --> Clapton Craft shopping run. But it’s difficult to see how crowdfunding can offer a sustainable solution here.


Silly question, is Waters actually still trading at the moment?
Was closed when I passed today at 1pm.


No, that’s the same sign that has been there since July-ish


Did wonder about the sign. Silly question I guess.
Just confuses me even more.


I think it was definitely a viable business if run well. It’s a shame Steve didn’t answer some of the questions on here, I think people were genuinely wanting to support it. Maybe he didn’t have answers.

Either way, I feel sad when I walk by each morning.


I’d love to see this shopping list sometime Fishingcat. I’ve seen a couple now with some very interesting items and beer descriptions on them.


And that was that.
Guess the crowd funding will be refunded.


Oh dear. That is very sad.

What is the deal with crowdfunding? I this I assumed unless the target was reached the money wasn’t actually donated?


Very sad indeed, although maybe an indication that this area isn’t quite as changed as some think, and the time for such businesses isn’t yet here.

Regards crowd funding, I believe the site holds the money and returns it at the end if unsuccessful.


I don’t think we can draw that conclusion from Waters, or indeed from the sad demise of the Perry Vale.

In the case of Waters, they were closed more often than they were open. If you want to run a specialist business that people need to make an effort to use, you just can’t run it the way they did.

With the Perry Vale, I think they did finally get the offer right, but with too much chopping and changing before they got there and a lack of communication about menu changes and (again) inconsistent opening times. I think time just ran out on them, but another restaurant there, learning the lessons from the PV, would, I think, probably succeed.


I agree. There are many other successful businesses on Perry Vale which would equally indicate the geographic location isn’t an absolute barrier.

It is sad to see Waters (and the Perry Vale) go. But in the case of the former, it was bad management. The unfortunate issue is their failure will sour the reputation of this shopping area to other newcomers who may not know the story.


I’m not for one second saying Forest Hill isn’t a good place for businesses. Just maybe not the demand for certain businesses. I agree there are plenty of successes, and it is fantastic to see.
However it’s not quite the East Dulwich that some might feel it is.

Threads asking which business people would like to see in the area are always very divided, the area comes across as very anti chainstore friendly at times too.

Just my humble and uneducated opinion


Given the praise heaped on Waters for the days they were open I think the area would benefit from a fishmongers. I just hope any other business may not be dissuaded by the failure of the business man.


I guess that is for the next investor to prove, but I have no doubt that there is some demand. Maybe more a mobile one, which we used to have by WH Smiths.

Community fishmongers anyone?


In the case of the Perry Vale I think staff issues may also have been a problem. Damien was a first class chef who cooked with a passion, but I understand was very tough on his staff.
Jen could not be faulted as Manageress, but by the time she took over the damage had probably been done.
After the departure of Roy and Harry as Manager/Assistant Manager the place seemed to lose its soul as well as its direction.


Slightly off topic but I do wish someone a the Perry Vale would’ve made the annoucement. The outpouring to Perry Vale over cat gate was tremendous.


Yes, I felt disappointed.perhaps even slightly aggrieved, at the lack of announcement to its cus tomers, but I suppose no business would want to advertise it’s failure.


They did post on their Twitter account and Facebook pages. What other announcement could they have made (genuine question)?