Waters fishmongers



Does sound a great alternative though for us regular 9-5 workers M-F may be a once a blue moon shop. Though I do work from home the odd Thursday.


He is there from around 7am. I used to take a cool bag, stick the fish in it and then stick it in the work fridge. Or, when feeling energetic take it home and then go to the office.


There is a really decent fishmongers at http://www.brockleymarket.com - haven’t been for a while but it was reasonable and fresh.


FC Soper in Nunhead are very good if you have transport or can bus/cycle there.


Totally agreed. We used to use Moxon’s in East Dulwich until we discovered Soper’s many years ago. Have not looked back since. Moxon’s are not bad but Soper’s is better, cheaper and open on a Sunday.


And they dont have massive queues!


Is there a decent butchers/veg store as well in Nunhead? If I go to somewhere like ED for food its usually because I’ve a special dinner in planning. If I went to Nunhead for fish I’d want to do the rest of the shopping in one location.


Yes plus a bakery and butcher although not as good as The Butchery.


I love the Butchery and usually get something special there each week. But I also love William Rose in ED and will often stock up for the freezer when I go there.


I follow a very similar pattern to you. The William Rose Butchers Box that they have started to do recently is really good value. Still love the Butchery though, particularly when you can pop in on a Sunday morning for an impromptu roast lunch as a far better alternative to any supermarket meat.


Also rate the Butchery but tend to use Proud Sow in Crofton Park as is easier to cycle to from Honor Oak. Pretty much the same as William Rose (except the game which WR are good for) just without the massive queues. Understand the point re fishmonger and butcher in one place, used to do that but rarely do now. Judicious use of the freezer!


All good butchery options (and all a little bit different). Drings in Greenwich is worth the trip as well and has a great fishmonger / grocer / cheese shop all conveniently close by. It would be great if we had such a thing nearer to us.


Cheeseblock in Dulwich along with fishmonger and butcher.


The Nunhead butcher isn’t bad and good if you are already thereabouts - I’d rate them quite highly but the Proud Sow wins out every time for me - quality meat at a decent price and I like Oli and Josh who serve there.

Sopers is great and has the advantage of being near the bakers, butchers and the greengrocers so you can do a proper shop all in one go…

Maybe this deserves another thread but I have been talking to the guys at Proud Sow about hard it is to make it as an independent trader and I have nothing but admiration for them and all the other traders who open up specialty shops… Hard work, long hours and working on small margins must be really stressful.


Couldnt agree more, the fishmonger, cheese shop and butcher in Greenwich are all together and well worth the trip. The cheese shop alone is worth the trip.


I think this is a good idea, also I think it must be hard to close a business & be quite hurtful & sad to individuals having to do this. I would feel hurt, embarrassed, sad, & gutted if I had to do this. So I think we should think about peoples feelings of the businesses that are closing.

I wish them all the very best for the future.


Proud Sow is awesome - they’ve never let me down and do us a great turkey each Christmas. There are good wet fish shops in both West Norwood and Herne Hill - as a transplant from both neighbourhoods, I revisit these places as needed as there’s never really been a comparable local offer. We are on the Honor Oak side of SE23 though so haven’t visited The Butchery apart from a couple of times which didn’t live up to expectations. It’s great to hear others speak highly though as it will spur a revisit.


Related note - and perhaps less “charming” than an independent produce shop - but in snooping around for something else, I found this:


Is this the next casualty of the high street?


Been on the market for a while apparently - Thread


Ah, hadn’t seen.

This is quite a big site. I’d like to think it’s destined to be an independent of sorts but it feels unlikely. Maybe someone like Superdrug could…oh, wait.