Waters fishmongers



Just driven past so admittedly it was a fleeting look but there is a bailiffs notice on the windows of Waters!


Very sad :disappointed: There’s a photo of the notice earlier in this topic


Not at all surprised and don’t think it was really location that was the problem. Open erratically. Not open on Saturday until 10.30 am. Use Billings – butchers and fishmongers in Sydenham.


If you using Billings, it’s worth noting that there is a great traditional fruit and veg store a few doors up, run by the parents of the guy who owns Billings.


Oops - sorry didn’t read back enough


I see the fund raising page is still open, and still receiving donations.
Not sure if this is just an oversight or there is still hope for Waters. Very strange.


Bailiffs have pretty much cleared out the place now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: