Weed or not?


As soon as weather has gotten gentler/wetter we’ve seen these plants popping everywhere in the garden - wondering what will come out of them. For now they are very easy to pull out, but we’re cautious that they may make flowers and spread even more… !


Looks same family as mint but it doesn’t smell anything.


Ok, we’re pretty sure it’s Annual Mercury now - exterminate! (familiar robotic voice)


Thanks Philippe, great that you identified it… We seem to have a lot of it coming through at the moment too… Best to clear it out while it’s easy to pull out!


What is a weed? It is mostly personal choice. If it is a native species then I consider its value in the garden on its own merits. There is no definitive list of weeds.


It’s a weed if you don’t actually want it in your garden and it is likely to proliferate and smother out / take resources from plants you do want. By asking ‘Is this a weed?’ the OP has got an identification of the plant and feedback on how it is likely to behave in the garden, which is the result wanted.


@Brett weed has a precise definition: “a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.”.

The plant in question has good intrinsic qualities (should make great compost) but no beauty/smell value, while having the tendency to spread really well and grow vigourously. I could try keeping some in a “dead corner” of the front garden where nothing grows but I’d still be anxious with how competent it is in spreading its seeds.


At first I thought the title was a continuation of the cannabis debate… but I see not. Still a good viewpoint on weeds. As I relatively new gardener thank you for the great definition.


Yes get that! My point is that whether a plant is a weed or not is purely subjective. Thanks for confirming that with your definition. :slight_smile:


That’s not weed. Don’t think you would get very high smoking that…_