Wet Wood Ban

This is news to me! High particulate matter (PM) generating fuels are banned as of now.

I always seem to light the fire on my neighbour’s laundry day :wink: :sunny: maybe this will help them!

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Lewisham has had a smoke control order for years and years. This is the rest of the country catching up.

Oh right! I assume I’m safe as I’ve been buying my bbq fuel from shops in Lewisham. Rule 5 of the order (I think) says shops can’t sell smoky products

I think so, the BBC has some coverage together with the reasoning and rules here:

I believe BBQs and outdoor fires don’t count.

The concern around this is really just for indoor fires, woodburners etc.

Not sure what that means for the availability of charcoal etc. I’d imagine that’s still available, but household coal may not be.

Agree with @Poppleoppledus . It doesn’t say anything about charcoal. Also charcoal is not really similar to coal, it’s relatively clean burning, and more similar to dry wood, so wouldn’t expect anything to change soon.