WFH Lunch Club

One or two of us when working from home (as I am today and some do every day) might like to meet for a snack and a chat somewhere at lunchtime. I am 3 mins walk from HOP but can drive a bit further. Anyone interested for today? State preferred venue if so! Nothing too fancy!


Well the Oak Café on HOP served their usual cracking all-day and ridiculously cheap breakfast. One of the not-guilty pleasures of going carb-less at the moment. If they’re reading this, sorry I forgot to leave a tip. Will double it next time!

That sounds like a good idea Dick. I often work from home and it would be good to step out now and again.
Maybe some time next week ?

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Sure WT, it’s likely I’ll have a day at home next week but it may be at very short notice as it depends when a carpenter/joiner is coming to install a loft ladder (which involves enlarging the hatch, or I’d do it myself). I’ll post here as and when.

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Thats ok, anytime Tuesday onwards, I will keep an eye out