What does this say? The Pavement - shops at top of Perry Vale

This small area of Forest Hill looks quite Gothic, does anyone know the history of this triangle and what is the date/name?

I think I read that the fish and chip shop used to be a men’s outfitters.

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Where is it? Do you know the address?

Do you live in Forest Hill?

I lived on upper Kirkdale until very recently.

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It is the corner of the triangle above the Pantry.

Isn’t that SE26?

Yup. Upper Kirkdale is in Sydenham, but Forest Hill political ward.


Could it be “The Pavement”? Paragraph 2.3 of this Design and Access Statement suggests so.

DC_20_119590-DESIGN___ACCESS_STATEMENT-952584.pdf (586.8 KB)

The developer lifted that paragraph from the Lewisham Locally Listed Buildings list, so the Conservation Officers Natasha Peach or Joanna Ecclestone may be able to tell you more.

LewishamLocalList2014-2.pdf (294.1 KB)


Here’s a fuller picture:

I still can’t figure out what it says…

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I’ll take my camera along with the zoom lens when I go out for my walk this afternoon and see if I can make sense of what it says.

I don’t strictly live in Forest Hill (I’m on the border), is that okay?

EDIT: I might not be able to post a photo because I’ve recently upgraded my fruit branded laptop to the latest model which doesn’t have a USB port. I’ve yet to buy an adapter.


Totally fine - please note the site FAQ at https://se23.life/faq#not-from-around-ere

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@marymck was spot on, it says ‘The Pavement’. I’m going to attempt to download the photo on my work laptop and will post it if I am successful.

Thanks @ForestHull I’m in a right mood this morning so didn’t understand the importance of where we live for this post. I’ve been out to clear my head so I will behave now.


You’re very welcome! And thank you for the opportunity to dust off my big zoom lens.


‘The Pavement’ is probably the name the developer gave to the row of shops when they were built. On Google Street View the name ‘Wesbourne Terrace’ is visible on the stone balustrade above the shops on the other side of the road at the end of Perry Vale, above what is (or was) Angels and the tattoo parlour.

If anyone is wondering where we’re talking about, it’s the shops on the Perry Vale side of Forest Hill station. The building with ‘The Pavement’ lettering is the shop on the corner of Waldram Place and Perry Vale, now occupied by The Pantry.


You’re probably right. I’ve never really taken much notice of how that block is set-up. This morning I took this post as an opportunity to pop out for a wander up the road. It could be that the ‘The Pavement’ was the name for the group of shops. Similar to the shopping malls of today.

Hopefully the original poster will get what he needs.

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Also visible on Street View, a sign saying ‘The Terrace’ above 1 Stanstead Road (the cafe on the corner). And the building next door still has pineapple finials.


I’ve mucked about with the contrast of the photo in an attempt to make the wording more legible. Not a great result unfortunately.
The Pavement


I’ve amped up every setting in my photo editing software. Some of the letters have eroded but even from my original photo it clearly says “The Pavement” and as mentioned in my reply before the photo. Especially given the information that Mary provided.

‘The’ is very clear. You can just make out the ‘P’; ‘AV’ is clear; the ‘EM’ has eroded away, the 'ENT" is very clear. Thus ‘THE PAVEMENT’



The row of shops and flats above were originally known as The Pavement. Looking at Kelly’s directory from that period -the post office directory - in several parts of SE London there were groups of shops known collectively as The Pavement or The Parade. Including in Brockley Road and Brownhill Road. Its tempting to wander the area looking for similar signs now…I wonder if when they were built, there may have been no hard pavement, and that installing one might have been a part of the development.

For example, in the site now occupied by The Pantry was outfitters Francis William Allen, listed here at what appears to be two Pavement addresses in the 1896 directory.

…(edit) and here are the retail occupants of 1-7 Pavement listed in 1896.


FW Allen, Outfitters, located at 1 The Pavement (which later became 14 Perry Vale), where the Pantry now is , used to advertise in Cycling magazines that it stocked the most advanced form of cellular cycling clothing, the lycra of its time I assume…This ad from 1899.

Screenshot (369)