What is opening next to Big Plate? [Brazilian Deli]

Does anyone know what is opening next to Big Plate cafe on Brockly Rise? Its the old premier store. Hope its as exciting as the new Sans store further down towards Stanstead Rd. Add to that Marvellous Greens and its lovely to see more community focussed businesses!

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I was told by the guy who runs the newsagents on the other side that it’s a Brazilian restaurant - fingers crossed it’s as good as le querce and other news comers to the area.

Any indication from him on when they’re opening? Love Brazilian food!

Agreed, that entire stretch of Brockley Rise has got a lot more interesting in the past couple of years.

Mid September I think

Just got a response on Twitter claiming this will be a grocery store as opposed to a restaurant. Not a particularly reliable source, though. Anyone know for sure?

I’ve seen a few display fridges going in yesterday, so I think it’s more likely to be either. A grocery store or a take away food outlet, like the new Donde

Anymore news on this place?

Ooooh very excited to check this place out


I got a coffee at this place this morning, and it was quite good. The deserts in the patisserie looked amazing and the meat / butchers looked good too.

We don’t hear too much about this place, has anyone tried it and would recommend?

They do good pastel de nata :partying_face: