What noises of the area bother you?

Following on from the aircraft noise thread, and in the knowledge that others are bothered by daily sounds such as foxes. I wondered what other regular sounds around the area disturb you.

Do you live close to the station, fire station, main road etc?

From nature to man made, what other noises gets on your chuff on a regular basis?

Noise in general is a big bugbear of mine so I could go on for ages! But primarily (1) the need to play really loud music through open windows (especially if the weather is nice) into other peoples’ houses and gardens and (2) my neighbours’ tv / radio through the wall.


Aaah yes, this time of year can be annoying for “parties” . Infrequent on sensible days I can understand. But Tuesday nights til 1am can be a bit grrr!

Thankfully no TV or music noises through walls for me, but remember in previous places I have lived, it was infuriating.

  • Buses attempting to accelerate up even the slightest of hills

  • Other people whistling along to music

  • Dustbins being emptied before 6:30am

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Cor, remember how buses used to be, trying to get up London Road etc.
Seems a lot of people get bothered by bins being emptied.

And loud motorbikes being ridden by idiots. Not to mention cars crashing at the end of the road while being pursued.


Frankly from a noise perspective Forest Hill is a vast improvement from where I used to live in Camberwell. There it was the continuous sound of sirens from the nearby ambulance station and of course from the seemingly more frequent police sirens.

From my spot on Sunderland Road I enjoy the quiet of the neighbourhood to the extent the odd road work, or utility work doesn’t bother me much. I might feel different if Sunderland Road was undergoing roadworks like Dartmouth. While the foxes can be annoying, they are a natural sound and the reminder that we still live in a natural environment though urbanised is quite nice.

So the only noise which truly bugs me in loud whining of Conservative voices. But as with those annoying foxes, I have to accept them as part of the natural world.



Haha from a local neighbour perspective, I agree mate. Could be worse, if the planned diversion of Perry Vale goes ahead eh :smile:

I couldn’t have put it better. Lucky us :slight_smile:

I can hear the sound of the London Remoaners from here :slight_smile:


Kiddies shouting/screaming/whining/running up and down on wooden floorboards. My former neighbours gave their toddler a recorder which they let her play at 5am. I nearly lost my cool at that one.

Foxes shagging is not much chop either.


I live opposite the station on Perry Vale, but it’s only overnight engineering works (in summer, with windows open) that annoy me about that.

For me, JK Banquets is the main offender. My block can hear their thumping bass until the early hours, and their midweek 2 or 3am license means that then, drunk streams of people flood the street outside my flat heading back to their cars (alarming) and keep me awake for hours. One pretty polite out-the-window request to a group to stop screaming across the road at 3:30am was met with laughter and a “go back to bed, sweetheart.”

We’ve had council-level meetings with the owners who, to be honest, were a difficult bunch of people who suggested that if the noose bothered us, “windows can close as well as open.” I had to be held back! Total lack of marshalling, no crowd control - I have no love for this business.

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Nothing much bothers me anymore - maybe the parakeets as they do their nightly routine but other than that I find silence more unnerving than noise. As I mentioned on the other thread I have a bit of tinnitus so my brain makes its own unbearable noise which actually is not unbearable anymore. I think I have learned to blank it all out - internal and external but pure silence means I am left with my own internal whine so I am happy with the varied sounds of London.

Car alarms annoy my husband especially when he is trying to get to sleep, but I personally find the constant rhythm sends me off to sleep!
I agree that scooters, motorbikes etc are my big bear☹️

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I’m guilty as charged on the whistling front!

The phantom motor bike racer of Devonshire/woodcombe/ewelme is my personal favourite. He narrowly avoided a tin of beans when I was getting shopping out the boot once, a bit slow on the draw that time :wink:


Me too, but I’m a fantastic whistler (or at least that’s what I hear)


I truly feel for you guys there. Lovely place to live, spoiled by selfish visitors to the area, and poor management of a business. Even walking past the place when events are being held drives me insane. So you have my genuine sympathies there.

A 25kg bag of loose stones should do the trick. Just don’t turn the lights on!

Refreshing to hear. I am aware of the sounds of the area, but not bothered by much at all. Usually the acts of humans more than anything, and even that is rare now.

A friend of mine moved to the countryside years ago, and could not sleep for the first month as the silence had him on edge. Funny old thing the brain isn’t it. I was similar for a few days in Spain.


Happy to say it’s the quietest place I’ve ever lived - I love it!

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I live behind wetherspoons i would say the police or ambulance sirens on London road and quadbikes or road bikes further out. Mostly ok otherwise l.

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Well that is refreshing to hear. :slight_smile: