What noises of the area bother you?


Well that is refreshing to hear. :slight_smile:


I live on Stanstead Road next to the tyre shop (one near fermor road junction). We’ve actually recently had someone move out of the block because of the noise from that place. It’s unrelenting. Every day, including Sundays and all bank holidays (except Christmas Day - honest). Throwing around metal wheel parts and tools so they clang loudly with the floor is the main annoyance from the front and at the back the machinery in their workshop which they start up at 7/7.30 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY
Have asked them if they could start a bit later and finish earlier on Sundays and bank holidays (the regularly work until 8pm) and they look at me blankly. Neighbour’s have asked them to be more considerate when throwing around all Thisbe metal, again blankness. Have asked them not stack their tyres so they encroach on the pavement, have asked them to keep it more clean and tidy out front and not leave the remnants of their friend chicken all over the place and to please get a bin… you got it, blankness. Although they do occasionally put their rubbish in the bins on our front garden now (which I’d rather than littering the place). Have complained to lewisham council several times and they never follow up with me. I appreciate they’re a business and employ people but I do wish they’d be more considerate of their neighbour’s and surroundings.


Surprised to hear you have had no feedback at all on this. Maybe someone like @MajaHilton can point you in the right direction to get advice on the matter.
As you say, them being a business, the noise is understandable to a degree, but some respite would be nice.


Has anyone ever had help from any department of the Council regarding noise?


In the 16 years I lived in FH, no.


Sorry to put a positive on this thread, but I really don’t mind noise in FH, I quite like the sounds of nature mixed with street sounds.

I live on a main Road and I have a set alarm clock when shop shutters open - So if I ever forget to set my alarm I’m still up bright & breezy & get a free alarm call into the bargain.



Don’t know if it’s any help, but what about Environmental Health?


No problem, there have been plenty of positives on this thread already if you read through. Me and @starman are delighted


Requested a visit from the noise team once. Was followed by a 3am visit hours later.
Only time I have called and it was positive.


motorbikes revving up and down at night


We have one of those locally at the moment. You can hear the idiot screaming down Waldram, then up the road to his house (or house he is visiting I should say).

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In response to question about lewisham noise dept - No, have called them the past 2 Summers about tyre shop and never had any response, each time they seemed confused by which ward I came under and said they’d identify and call back but never have.



Thank you allfor your suggestions for how to try and improve the situation, the past 2 summers I have complained to environmental health (hoping they could help with noise, the tyres and litter) but aside from saying they’ll look into it, nothing happens and subsequents calls from my neighbour’s and I and we seem to be speaking to somebody new who doesn’t know anything of the complaint and can’t put us in touch with the person we last spoke to. When my neighbour’s and I last got together we decided our next stop should be to contact the local councillor and we haven’t acted on that but will do so now. However, as if to remind me further of why our tyre shop neighbour’s annoy us so, j woke up to this against our front wall this morning. Mr/Mrs Tyre Shop owner, have you been reading this thread I wonder?!


That is disgraceful. Time to speak to councillors and MP I would say.
Wonder if it worth reporting as a blocked pavement.


I agree, could & should be reported as blocking the pavement. Might actually prompt the powers that be to do something as well :grimacing:


This popped on Twitter today. Retweeted by both Perry Vale and Forest Hill police.


Hi @wattsicle

Businesses that create noise in residential areas will most likely have permission to operate during specific hours. I would agree that the residents would at least like some time during the weekend without noise. It is worth contacting your councillors for them to help you. I know one of the councillors has spoken to me in the past about the tyres on the pavement, and this can be sorted out. They must have not seen it recently.

Anyhow, the business is in Perry Vale ward and the councillors are

Cllr John Paschoud
Cllr Allan Till
Cllr Susan Wise

On the link scroll down to get email addresses ect.



I’ve been to a residents vs. JK Banquets meeting at the council buildings, but the follow-up since has been sub-par.


Just keep on at them! They will get sick of your presence & your voice :grimacing: