What will replace Elachi (indian restaurant)?


As we wonder what is going to replace elachi Indian restaurant


What, has it closed?


They are relocating to 133-135 Stanstead road. Opening in Aug i read.


Phew, we had at least they need curry a week from there for 16 years. It would be like losing a family member.


I wonder what is going to be in its place


Oh, is that the site of the old Dewaniam?


I’m not surprised. That corner is hardly hospitable, and while close the new site has more convenient parking. Google Maps does seem to indicate the old site of the Dewanium.


Housing ?




There could be that intention. But I recall proposals for an adjacent site to be converted to residential was turned down quite recently.


Dewanium restaurant site

What a strange combination of notices.


Anyone know if the new location Elachi has, or is likely to reopen any time soon?

Was contemplating introducing the kiddies to the delights of the curry house tomorrow and was hoping my old fav. was back in business.


Hi not sure wat is replace but the started to gut it also the old darwaieum round the corner is supposed to be the elachi but not open till new year


Heard second hand from taxi-driver friend of owner.

Unforeseen or un-reported latent problems with drains at rear of premises has delayed progress.

The significance of the delay was unquantified time-wise - so no hard facts on opening date to report.