What's the barbershop situation in SE23?

After months of growing what can only be described as a mop on my head during lockdown I support I should look to get it cut if things are open again. Which reasonably priced barbers in SE23 (or SE4) are open, it’s not obvious from a google which have reopened.

I usually get my hair cut at an £11 place just off Tottenham Court Road but I’m not getting a train just for a haircut…!

I know smoddy reopened this week, but I think the price of a cut is £28ish. Unsure about Rob’s.

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As someone somewhat lacking in the hair department I have no idea on prices but the hairdressers next to Chandos was open when I walked past today.

Barbers on Perry Vale parade is open (next to the ‘bistro’). Abbas does a decent cut and is a nice guy! Was something like £11 I seem to remember (pre lockdown).

The Artful Barber is open again, about £15 for a cut
The Artful Barbers
2 Westbourne Dr, Forest Hill, London SE23 2ND
020 8291 2519

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That’s the one I used regularly pre lockdown (Sun Barbers) - great to hear they’re opening up again. I pay about £12 for a simple trim and short back and sides.

Shoddy Sharp opposite the Sylvan Post is open by appointment only.

It looks like there is a new men’s barber called Stage open next to the William Hill and dentist on Dartmouth Road. Just passed it. One barber. No one waiting.

I ended up booking an appointment with Mems Barbers in Penge. £13 (normally £11 to cover PPE).

Rob has a notice in the window saying ‘opening shortly.’


That would be Ibo’s Barbers, in Perry Village :grin: It was open and orderly at the weekend.

Heard this morning that Rob ‘is selling his shop’. Great pity, if true… As I don’t think he owns the freehold, I wonder whether he might be selling the hairdressing business as a going concern? The goodwill must be worth something… But there seems to be increasing competition on Dartmouth Road.

Yes i walked up to Robs for a trim this morning found it closed , the sign on the window didn’t give me too much faith in him opening again.
Been a customers of Robs since the early 70s, Hes seen a lot of new barbers come and go but i wonder if hes just had enough ?
Dont know how he did that journey from Kent for all this time.

New barbers coming on the kirkdale/Dartmouth Road roundabout so kind of between FH & Sydenham stations. Just recently had hairdressers ‘luscious locks’ open on the roundabout so this barbers is just opposite it. Not yet open but looks imminent.

Blimey, No shortage of Barbers/ Hairdressers up that end of Dartmouth Rd, Think with this one there must be 4 or 5 ??

Agree. In fact between Brockley and Forest Hill, I have never seen so many hairdressers and barbershops. The Council should rename the whole area “Locksley” or “South Barnet”


Has anyone actually contacted Rob to confirm he is selling?

That would be a real shame. I’ve been going to Rob’s since we moved to SE23, the only place that doesn’t shave off all my hair when I ask for a trim!