What's your favourite radio show?

Both of my favs are completely differentl

Club Classics on Heart FM

& Robert Elms on BBC London

In this order, all 6music Sunday programmes:
Jarvis Cocker (when he’s on)
Guy Garvey (again when he’s on)
Cerys Mathews
Stuart Maconie

All very eclectic and great in my view!

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Petrie Hosken on LBC - she was just brilliant. I think she’s been replaced by Katie Hopkins recently.

Also David Mellor, who presented a combined show with Ken Livingstone. Despite the nasal whining of Red Ken, David always managed to bring some warmth and good humor to the discussions. And now Ken has been dropped, I believe, on account of his silly comments about Hitler.

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Round the Horne?

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Just in general Tim.

Perhaps that should have been in caps


They don’t make Sunday afternoons like that any more …

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I’m sorry I haven’t a clue.
Perhaps I’ll have more to contribute to another thread. :slight_smile:


Just a minute, Today and Gardeners’ Question Time (which I used to find entertaining before I even took up gardening). Oh and Test Match Special.

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I listened to LBC for many years. Even tuning in on many foreign trips. Then they brought Katie Hopkins on board. I now listen to Radio4

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Love this!


Thought I’d post this!

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6oKUTOLSeMMstrong text

I love JazzFM. My favourite show is Chris Philips’ ‘The Blueprint’ on Saturday nights. I love his weekday morning show too. Always guaranteed to hear some Stevie Wonder with Chris!


If you have a digital radio, there are some gems on there.

The Arrow is a non-stop rock music station with no commercials that plays Pink Floyd, Led Zep to modern rock.
Absolute 80s plays 80s pop/rock music and also has the Christian O’Connell breakfast show from Absolute Radio, but with 80s music instead of the current stuff.

If you can receive radio stations from Surrey, Eagle Oldies is worth a go and Golden Radio (which is based in Crystal Palace) plays oldies and has some community shows for south London during the evenings.

Otherwise it’s Today and PM on BBC Radio 4, LBC Radio or LBC London News, the latter has rolling news during the daytime.

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I used to love listening to the Arrow but it seemed to disappear from our DAB receiver. Are you still picking this up @rbmartin?

@brett Yes, but you may need to retune your dab radio. I do it every few months to ensure I have all the stations.

I did try that, more than once, so came to the conclusion is was off the air. Will try again, thanks @rbmartin !

The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show for a good start of Saturday night and Don Letts’ Culture Clash Radio for Sunday night calm down. Both on BBC R6M :slight_smile:

I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, The Archers, GQT. Actually pretty much anything on R4 other than Any Questions and Any Answers (the latter of which tends to make my blood boil).

At work – Venice Radio - talk- and ad-free chamber music. That and Round the Horne.

Oh I must get me some of that!

Other than that I am R4 through and through - sometimes rubbish - sometimes genius.