Where can I find a swimming pool that is open locally?

I can’t find a swimming pool open locally. Any ideas? Has GLL (“Better”) taken over from Fusion? There is a dearth of information on Lewisham or Better websites.

I think one of the pools at CP leisure centre is open, FH pools allegedly re-opening ‘soon’.

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A bit of travel, but Charlton Lido is excellent. 50m outdoor heated pool at 24 degrees with well observed and spacious lane swimming. Very well managed social distancing , book through Better.

Beckenham Place Park lake is open but now 14 degrees and you’d need a wetsuit.

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I have seen the lights on in FH pools and people going in and out so it looks like they may be preparing for an opening.



FHP will be open soon. My company is deep cleaning it, Wavelengths and Glass Mill all before the end of October. So, they must be close.


Thank you, Christian

This will give you an idea of what to expect. These are the test areas at Glass Mill…