Where to buy cracked rye flour?

I’m looking for a local shop that sells Cracked Rye Flour.

Anyone know a shop that might sell this ?

I tend to buy most speciality baking stuff from bakerybits.co.uk as I’ve struggled to find stuff other than basics locally.

If it’s used in a particular cuisine, then Peckham can be a remarkable resource - Khan’s, the Chinese supermarket or Persepolis.

Other option to explore if it’s for pumpernickel is potentially Aldi or Lidl?

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Yes I was looking at shipton mill. But has £6 delivery. Might ask in Aga’s

How about asking at the Brickhouse Bakery in East Dulwich if you don’t need much? They may use and be able to sell a small amount?

It’s an outside chance, and not specfically local but I find SMBS Foods in East Dulwich has lots of the out of ordinary stuff for cooking. Particularly if part of organic ranges.

Waitrose do a Stoneground Rye in their bigger branches depending on how coarse you need it - but not all that local.