Where to buy timber for external enclosure and get it cut

I don’t need lots and lots, but will need some for an enclosure roughly 7mx3 and would like it but to size, and angles cut for the roof etc. Ideally I might want to go and have a quick chat with them before I make a schoolboy error…

Anyway, would be it be best to just head to B&Q or Wickes, or is there somewhere else? I remember there be a timber place in Catford, but that has closed now I’m pretty sure.


I’ve used the wood cutting service at B&Q before - it was free though they insisted I bought the wood before they started so I’m not sure how much confidence they had in themselves!

There’s Travis Perkins up behind Shannon’s too. I’m not sure what service they offer though…

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I was just going to recommend Whitten Timber - not been there for years, but they were amazing when I needed timber cut to size a while ago. I think they’re planning to close soon though, to make way for a housing development!

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Isn’t this because they don’t have confidence in you (you as in ‘the customer’, not ForestHull :grinning:)?

I used this service recently - it was good, I just needed to be very specific about where he was making cuts. Also used the one in Catford before it closed down.

If you’re talking about a mitering (?) I think it’s boards + sheet material only at B&Q and that they wouldn’t do it.


Quite possibly I looked a bit suspicious as I’d actually bought the wood, taken it home and carefully marked it up, and then bought them back to the shop for cutting. It was actually a bit of butchers block worktop, and the quality of their cut was very good.

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that is an excellent idea.


Thanks everyone

@tonyf and @jonfrewin I had seen Whitten’s but was not sure - I think they have downsized but plan to keep going - I’ll contact them and find out and update - but they could be ideal so thanks both.

@ForestHull and @Beige - thanks - I go past B&Q quite frequently so might check. Most would be cut to size for for the roof section am thinking about mitering (I have to google that @beige :slight_smile: ) to have them meet in the middle for a sloping roof - I need to remember my GCSE maths to work out the lengths etc :slight_smile:

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B&Q were really keen to point out that they couldn’t make accurate cuts but did a superb job when I used them about 3 years ago. I think it was another corporate CYA.