Where to get a lamp rewired?

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a service for rewiring a large floor lamp? We’ve had an incident with a chewy dog and the lamp’s cable.

Any tips gratefully received!

What about that 'restart’t thing they are starting at the Honor Oak pub. Perhaps you can take it there and learn how to fix it for free.


Fairly simple, as long as you can thread the new cable through the lamp.
If the cable is only twin wire (no earth) then it’s just two terminals at the bulb end and two in the plug. The fiddly bit is unscrewing the bulb holder to access the terminals, if there is a floor switch is chewed section before or after.
New cable cheapest is in Wilko -Penge …? Not a lot to do wrong while your at it change fuse to 3A .

In absence of recommended local service first time round, a quick follow up. Anyone know of a local service which can fix a wonky desk lamp? Or are these services now a thing of the past?

I would hazard a guess that the nice man at AC Electronics at 76 Brockley Rise would do it. He sells all manner of electrical equipment and has a kind of workshop behind the desk - the website seems to focus on TV repairs but it does also say ‘electrical repairs’. Tel: 020 8690 3828.

I too am looking for a lamp repair person.
I have rewired them, but I want them tested to make sure they are safe. I took them to AC electricals on Brockley Rise but he wasn’t interested in testing or rewiring them.
Any help on this appreciated too!