Where to go for a new front door?

Hi all,

We’re in need of a new front door - any tips on the best local places to go (or people to go to)?


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I have a wooden front door I’m want to give away rather than have it binned or cut up. I had replace it because I live on the second floor of a block of flats and it didn’t meet current fire safety legislation.

I’m in need of a new wooden front door as mine has a big drafty hole where a cat flap used to be. Any chance you have dimensions and a pic? Unless @kaye wants to take it of course.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Matthew
As far as I know it’s a standard size door but the approximate measurements are 5cm thick x 81 cm wide X 202 cm high. I’ve tried to attach a photo but I’m not having any luck. Do you have an email I can send it to???

Thank you. yes you can send to matthew.benney [that curly a sign] gmail.com :slight_smile:

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We’re looking for a new front door in a traditional Victorian style, big companies are very expensive, does anyone have any local recommendations?

Dulwich Reclamation Yard in Sydenham

We used Strippadoor - not local but they were good value, very flexible on design and we were v happy with the finished product.

I’d recommend Howdens, good range and decent prices.

Most of my customers get there doors from there.

Thanks for suggestions all. Chris, what kind of work do you? Will be looking for someone to fit the door amongst some other projects if that’s in your line of work?