Where to live in Forest Hill/Honor Oak? [2017-18]

Hi! We’ve been living in Peckham Rye for years and now looking to buy (myself, GF and soon to arrive baby boy!) in Forest Hill or Honor Oak. We don’t know the area super well, so looking for all your advice on nice quiet roads (toddler services nearby would be a bonus!) within walk of the overground lines. There seems to be a lot of properties for sale on Devonshire Road - why is this? Is it noisy? (From traffic/trains?) …Any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:

I think that the number of Devonshire road properties on the market merely reflects the length of the road, the number of purpose built flats on the road, and the number of large houses that have been converted into flats. The number of properties for sale/rent on Devonshire road is far less than a year / 18 months ago, but that probably reflected more movement in the housing market at that time. In short, there is no exodus, so don’t worry.

I think there was a post on here earlier about the volume of traffic/issues with parking on Devonshire Road. It is a famous rat run. You should be able to search and find it.

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Timbo - we made the move from Peckham to Forest Hill a few years ago and love living here. It is friendly, green and the transport links are great and whilst London Road is noisy a lot of the roads off it are quiet and very leafy.

You may need to make your peace with steep hills if you want to live round here but if you are prepared to persevere with some of the steeper residential roads you will be rewarded with a quiet and leafy area to live.


There are lots of possibilities - mentioning just one that seems to tick your boxes is the triangle of roads Stanstead/Rockbourne/Rojack - very quiet (although part of Stanstead is opposite the train line), there’s a local nursery (montessori), very close to the station etc.

I don’t live on Devonshire but it is notoriously busy with traffic (often gridlocked due to parking problems/narrow road). I would generally say that the residential streets around Honor Oak (i.e. to the east of the railway) are a bit quieter than most roads in Forest Hill, but that Forest Hill probably has a little more going on in terms of shops, pubs, restaurants etc. So it depends what your priorities are. Both are great places to live.


I think you’ll be driven by finding a property you love and deciding which compromises you’re happy to live with on any given street. Anywhere in Forest Hill or Honor Oak will provide a great base for a young family.


Just be careful of the school catchment areas, particularly on the west of the tracks. There are some roads that often fall outside most local catchment areas and you will be travelling further than you might plan to get to a primary school.

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I think you should consider school catchment areas (which change each year but are typically quite small) as you have a little one on the way - in 4 years time when you are applying for a school you don’t want to find out you have bought in a blackspot outside of all catchment areas. I think this is an issue on quite a few roads, and on some parts of Devonshire Road.

In terms of your requirements, I don’t know FH that well, but in terms of HOP, taking into consideration primary schools, distance to the underground, quiet roads I would look in HOP at roads like Bovill, Whatman, Garthorne and around. These are all quiet due to barriers stopping them being used a a rat run, are generally in the catchment area for Dalmain (and roads further down likely for Stillness), 5 10 minutes walk to the station and HOP high street.

If you could afford Lowther Hill I’d recommend that, but it’s not low budget…

Good luck.

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Hello, Stillness is a nice road, also look at Riseldine Road down to Holmesley Road they have good walking access to both Honor oak Park and Crofton stations and you are still in good catchment areas.


I agree with all the comments here. Our road Kilgour is lovely. We are on the set of roads off of Grierson Road (same as Holmesley). We have quite a few young families along here.

Ok, thanks all!! Awesome advice - we saw a place in Perry Vale today just off Sunderland Road. Seems nice - 10 mins walk to the station and leafy streets. Any thoughts?

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Tay mount Rise.
A no through road very peaceful children play outside and its very quiet.
Just over the road from Sainsbury, 5 min walk to tube easy access to East dulwich and horniman gardens.
We’ve lived here 6years and love it.
Lovely neighbours too

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I used to live on Rockbourne Road & It’s a great Road for Victorian Houses, peace and quiet, and a chilled lifestyle- though personally I love living on Dartmouth Road now - right in the mist of what goes on in our area. I love it :slight_smile:

I think the full post here was generally good, but be careful buying a place with any school expectations unless you’re very close indeed. Between Whatman and Agnew there’s been a bit of a dead zone where you fall outside the catchments of Dalmain and Stillness in recent years.

@maxrocks keep it down.
We don’t want to make it too easy for people. The hill is specially designed to keep people away from finding out about our perfect little community.

And there are other streets around that are almost as nice; Little Brownings, Thorpewood Avenue, Dunoon Road, Canonbie, Westwood Park, Benson Road, Garlies Road, Allenby Road, Garthorne Road, Brockley Rise, Lowther Hill, Round Hill, Radlett Avenue, The Fieldings, Mount Ash, Horniman Drive, Liphook Crescent, Sunderland Road, and Vancouver Road. I’ve probably picked out some of the most expensive roads and there are plenty of other nice roads between all of these - by which i mean to include almost all of SE23.


Stop telling everyone where you live Michael, Taymount Rise is lovely, especially for skiing, sledging, and snowboarding down the hill in winter time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oops, I might get myself in trouble now :rofl::rofl:

I’ll wear a disguise next time & hope I’m not seen on a sledge :rofl:

It’s a good spot, you get a fair amount of traffic through Perry Vale but it’s not intolerable. Some very attractive period properties in that immediate area, especially what are called the Christmas houses (designed by architect Ted Christmas, with distinctive external features). I’d happily live there and you’re very close to the centre too.

I can’t think of a street in FH that I would advise you to actively avoid as it’s a great area overall. Depends on priorities. As a general rule you will get more value east of the railway line and more the further east you go as you start hitting the Catford boundary.

I’ve no qualms with Sunderland Road. It’s wonderfully quiet and the neighbours in the main are friendly. If you choose the Perry Vale ward side of Forest Hill be prepared for charges that you’re on the wrong side of the track.

When I hear that I simply remind people my walk home after the pub is downhill. Not up.