Where to recycle used batteries?

Normally, I save my used batteries up and take them to Bell Green Sainsburys to recycle. However in lockdown I’m wondering where else you can drop batteries to recycle?

are they not collecting them there anymore? or do you just don’t want to take your batteries there?

I think the Tesco on Perry Hill is still collecting (I have vague recollections of seeing the bin there) and it’s showing up on this map which might be useful. http://www.batteryback.org/battery-collection.html


I think B&Q take old batteries. See the link below and click on the lower tab entitled “i want to re-cycle used batteries”


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Ahhh thanks. I’m just not going there as trying to support the smaller local places while I have time on my hands.

Thank you. Very near there so will give them a whirl :blush:

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There used to be a recycling container in Sainsbury’s Forest Hill at the check-out end of the cooked and fresh meat aisle next to the deli where batteries for sale are displayed.

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Still there - I noticed just the other day whilst purchasing some batteries


And I also noticed a container of used batteries outside Sainsbury’s bell green today. its by the plastic bag recycling containers as you go out,

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For future reference there is a big battery stand for recycles in Crofton Park Community Library when it finally opens. :blush:

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