Where to take a Learner driver for practice?

My partner is learning to drive and I’m trying to do a lot of it myself, along with normal paid lessons. Challenge is finding places in area where it is quiet and sparse enough for a learner to drive with confidence. Tried taking her around the industrial estate on Malham road and was bombarded on all sides by cyclists, lorries, pedestrians and of course parked cars everywhere.

Any ideas for suitable spots in the area?

how about bell green outside office hours? - particularly the far end near toolstation


I’ve done this with all 3 of my kids!

Lawrie Park Ave in Sydenham towards Crystal Palace park. Nice wide quiet road. Turn left into Border Road, then left to Lawrie Park Road (main road but good view of traffic coming) and left again to Lawrie Park Gardens. Then do a bigger loop to Crystal Palace Park Road.


thanks sounds good, will give it a whirl

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yeah i did think of that, just hard with childcare out of office hours, but might try


Fantastic - she’ll be prepared for London traffic then!

Adding to the other answers, I’d consider Silverdale and the surrounding roads good for low speed negotiation of passing/meeting situations and how to share with bicycles without being overwhelmed by HGVs.

Best of luck, and remember, you must really ingrain the disdain for the fellow road user and she’ll fit right in.