Where to take unwanted clothes etc

Just before lockdown I sorted out a lot of things to take to a charity shop but did not get there in time. Does anyone know of a genuine charity accepting clothes, shoes etc at present?

There are clothes and shoe banks on Stanstead road I believe.

Hi, I’ve just signed up to use https://thrift.plus/pages/farfetch-donate they’ll send you some paper bags, which you fill and send back (for free).

The clothes need to be of pretty decent standard (designer, or good quality high-street), and they will keep a third of the proceeds, you can nominate a charity to receive a third, and you can receive a third in store credit (or donate 66% to the charity). Any registered charity in the UK is eligible to be nominated.

I’m waiting for my bags to arrive, but according to their website, this method actually allows a much higher revenue for the charity. Anything you donate that can’t be sold via their site (quality isn’t up to their standard etc., they will pass on to another charity/clothes recycling).

If it’s children’s clothes - Little Village is an amazing charity supporting parents/carers with low income, it acts as like a foodbank but for clothes/prams/cots etc. I found a local volunteer on the East Dulwich Forum who I was able to drop stuff off to.

Hope this is helpful.

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Thanks - but do they go to charity?

Thanks very much. The thrift plus sounds good. However, presumably the bags have to be returned by post. I am not keen to go to the Post Office at the moment

It’s not via the Post Office, it’s via Collect Plus.

yes, see above. The clothes are sold online with the proceeds divided by thirds, you can nominate up to two thirds going to a charity of your choice. The company keeps a third for overheads etc.

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actually, I just re-read the details on the website, they can pick it up from your house also.

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Sounds great! thanks