Where's the party? I can hear it from everywhere? (Devonshire rd)

Anyone know if there’s an event or just a very loud private party somewhere round the railway side of Devonshire Rd… my whole house is shaking and I wanna know if I can join in…

It might possibly be the same resident that has been discussed on the below topic:


Not has bad has that but Same again in Honor Oak area it’s becoming more and more frustrating. No respect of consideration. Fair enough we all want our own fun but when it goes on and on louder and louder. It’s to much it’s bad for health!!

No I don’t think so Robert - this is more like a DJ soundsystem. To be fair all was quiet before 9pm so given how long it’s been since anyone could have a party it wasn’t a problem. :slight_smile:

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We could hear it too last night. I’m pretty sure it was about 9 to 930 that it was over.

I was thinking of going to join.