Which High Street staff brighten your day?


The receptionist in the opticians on London Rd, next to Sainsburys is a real pleasure to deal with.
Will always try to help, even carrying out repairs on glasses not purchased there, Just put a donation in the blind box if you wish. Lovely Lady.

Happy Customer.


I showed this thread to Donald at HOP Sainsbury’s this morning… he was thrilled to be a local celebrity! Well deserved, he’s great.


Agreed! I love Shannon’s


Donald is a star. Shannon’s are excellent too, as is Lisa at the florist’s.

Must also put in a good word for the couple at the dry cleaners, always polite and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.


Agree re dry cleaners!


Gilly is particularly lovely, she loves getting involved in anything that benefits the local kids. Running up to last Christmas she was involved with getting kids to get to see a pantomime for free :slight_smile:

And on the couple of occasions I’ve been able to set up a free Santa’s Grotto (empty shop or space permitting) Sainsbury’s FH have donated the gifts for the kids from Santa, thanks to the managers :slight_smile:

I’ve not met Donald from the HOP store, but he sounds like a great guy to me :+1:


Yes! Dry cleaners!
Lovely people family run and very good cleaning too!


Gavin at Canvas & Cream has been one of my favourite “local faces” since I moved here, and (in direct competition!) we’re big fans of Sian over @StDavid (hi!) and her team of depressingly young and lovely staff. It can get insanely busy but everything always seems to work, and with a smile too.


Worth mentioning on here that Robyn who owns Wild Horses opposite the pools is mega friendly. Plus Konrad that owns what used to be the Gym Cafe & the team at BoNA @andrea . Also our volunteers at the library are so helpful & so friendly I couldn’t not mention them especially as so many locals pop by to tell me this :sunglasses:


The guy at the ticket hall at Honor Oak Park station (not sure what his name is). I get a “Good Morning” everyday and it’s just great to see actual people staffing the station. Crofton Park is a constant reminder of what it could be like instead.

He also once saved my backpack which I had stupidly left on the platform bench at Forest Hill on my way to holiday. :scream:

Admittedly, the pack lunch inside wasn’t nice anymore when I came back but the rest was in good order and I was more than relieved to have it back!


I believe he had a sad personal experience at Forest Hill station a few years back so I can see why the whistle would scare him. (Having said that, it usually scares the hell out of me too!)


Sadly the staff continues to rotate here - the girl working today is really surly and distinterested. Such a shame as their previous staff have been so good. OtH still do the best coffee but I’d rather go to Two Spoons.


I stopped using OtH at HOP station due to the staff changes. Not just the surliness, but I had a couple of badly-made coffees and decided to give up.

In the morning I now go to London Grind if commuting via London Bridge, or Coffeestudio 7gr if commuting via Shoreditch High St. Both are top notch.


I have somehow missed this thread…having now lived here for 2.5 years, I can honestly say I have never had a bad experience anywhere (long may it continue)… perhaps I am just very lucky but it’s so nice to live in an area where people take pride in their work and make you feel very welcome and valued as a customer. There are so many wonderful businesses in the area where I have had great service, wonderful chats and helpful advice but I’d like to give a special shout out to the lady in Wild Horses who is just so lovely and fun and pointed me in the direction of a very delicious (and potent) Christmas cocktail; the wonderful staff in Aga’s Little Deli who fulfil my Ham & Cheese toastie and Saint-Félicien cheese cravings; the manager in the Dartmouth Arms (are we allowed to include pubs?) who’s always a delight to chat to whenever I go in and, of course, @Pauline who never ceases to put a smile on my face when we pop in to say hello.

But I applaud all the other businesses in the area and implore them to keep up the good work… it’s a pleasure to gently amble around Forest Hill on a Saturday mid morning and pop in to all the different shops and cafes .