Which is the best cafe with wifi around here?


Can anyone tell me which cafes have got the best / most consistent free-wifi around here and don’t mind people coming in for a spot of work? I always feel quite self-conscious about doing this locally vs cafes in Central London where everyone’s doing it anyway!

Recommended shops and services in SE23
Best free wifi?

I clocked 20Mbps in @StDavid (Forest Hill), and I think they’re okay with people using their laptops there (in moderation, obviously). I’m not sure what the situation is with power sockets mind you, I have only seen one. There’s another topic that discussed laptops in St David’s, and their plans to extend into the basement to provide more space.

I have also worked in a couple of pubs but feel a little self-conscious doing so.


We have a lot of sockets (scattered around the shop in different places) & free wifi & are happy for people to work in our shop. And yes we are expanding downstairs end of this month hopfully it won’t take us long before we will have more seats & space!! There is also a beautiful original fire place downstairs so for the winter that will be lovely X


The Archie Parker is also good. Wifi reception is best at the back of the shop. Good coffee.


Did a bit of work at the new No 41 coffee & kitchen yesterday and coffee, cake & wifi was :+1:


I really liked @No41Coffee too - friendly staff, good cakes, and a kind supporter of this forum :slight_smile:

More discussion on No. 41 here.