Which pubs are re-opening in Forest Hill?

Yes, our pub is the focal point in the countryside.


All Inn One


Anybody know if the Blythe Hill Tavern is planning to reopen? I am a fan of all the Forest Hill pubs but fancy a good pint of Guinness.

No news yet.

How about the POW in Perry Rise, it is all boarded up at the moment. Any ideas as to why?

That question was asked here too: Prince of Wales - calling “Time” too?

Seems to be some trades in, but no planning notices I could see.

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THE CHANDOS (From Twitter)



“2meter”?? Is this a new K-pop band?


Are they gonna reserve all the seats in the pub?

Good point… hadn’t thought of that… Suppose it depends on how many members there are… whether they are all full time members or rotated around… what if their entire entourage is with them? Us poor locals won’t get a look in…

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Just seen Richard Channon from the All Inn One He has told me that in order to get served at the bar customers must be wearing a mask They do have some for sale. at £1 all proceeds going to St. George’s school just up the road from the pub Great news to support a local school


That’s a really nice idea. :clap:

I thought they wanted to turn it into a workspace + cafe ? That would be a much better use of space IMHO considering there’s a number of pubs around.

I love that idea, given we’re all working from home now. I think going forward I’ll be up at the office a lot less, but being home is boring too. I’d enjoy some kind of cafe/workspace place, although a 5pm pint would be a bonus. I’m sure it’s an interesting business model although do you make it like a membership, or how do you get around the ‘I’ll have one espresso and park her all morning’ issue?

The original planning permission to demolish and rebuild was only agreed subject to the Condition:

“28. Notwithstanding the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development)Order 2015 (or any Order revoking, re-enacting or modifying that Order), the areas of the building identified for A4 Drinking Establishment use shall be used only for this purpose and shall not be used for any other purpose (including any other purpose set out in the Schedule to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, or an any provision equivalent to that Class in any statutory instrument revoking and re-enacting that Order).
Reason: To safeguard the established A4 Drinking Establishment use and to comply with Policy 19 Provision and maintenance of community and recreational facilities of the adopted Core Strategy (July 2011) and DM Policy 20 Public houses of the Development Management Local Plan (2014).”

Once A4 status is lost, it is lost. But there is nothing in A4 status that stops a pub using a function room within the pub as a workspace/cafe or from serving coffee etc in the pub. You don’t need a change of Use Class to do that, unless of course your long term aim is to convert it to residential.

Lewisham did refuse the planning application, but the property developer is taking the case to Appeal.

They have also applied to build another storey on top of the block, for further residential.

If memory serves, the original intent of the developer of 22-24 Sydenham Road was to have some sort of sharing/co-working office space on the ground floor, but it didn’t work out. I’m sketchy on the story of that one.

The change of use application for the Windmill referred to some a co-working organization as being involved, but when I contacted that organization they didn’t respond.

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Couldn’t resist, All in one doing a decent trade. Well organised too.


Just walked past the Railway Telegraph. Note on door says reopening on the 8th.

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https://thedartmoutharms.com/ - have an email on the page to book a table, FYI. And I have one for tonight - yay. 1st time we’ve been out for dinner in 5 months I think!

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