Who would win in a fight?






Catford. Obvs.


Catford. That cat is hard as nails. I bet that tiger is a de-clawed palace pet.


Developers want to take the Catford Cat down. I wouldn’t want to be in that fight.


Okay round two.
Catford Cat versus Horniman Walrus:


Walrus all day


Defo the walrus :slight_smile:


Pfft. Walrus.



Walrus. Fat People Rule.


Thanks for all the useful feedback.
Round three - Mammals verses lizards

Five go into the ring - how many come out?
(Not allowed to use giant asteroids)


These lizards are over 100 years old. So lizards natch.


You’ve got to back the lizards here imo, working together to fell the walrus. The cats would be too busy settling their bad blood from round 1.


I reckon it’s still got to be the walrus - iit would just flatten these guys Big Daddy style :laughing:


That lizard has a walking stick, no fair!


He needs to be arrested for carrying that weapon - so the walrus just needs to flatten 4 now of the 5 reptiles at CP :joy::joy:


I reckon the Walrus would just think, “Sod this for a lark!” and go on a chummy craft beer safari with the Crystal Palace Megatherium, leaving the cats and reptiles to it.


I know it is getting complicated, but I just wanted to mention there is now an elephant in the ring!


Just me putting the boot in


Better than an elephant in the room. Anyways that elephant is due for demolition so might be feeling a bit scrappy.


I’m loving this thread.