Who would win in a fight?



That is the exact view from my window right now.

Except for the rain. And the little white bubble hut.


I think you may have ‘jumped the shark’:


This is a local fight for local unfeabily large and possible anatomically incorrect animals (and footwear). Thumbs and sharks from Not SE23 can do one (I’m allowing the Elephant because his days are numbered).


OK, OK. What about this guy? He may be small and two dimensional, but he is ferfectly formed.


@Andy I hear she’s a bit chicken! (and if she wasn’t already 2D the walrus would flatten her)

But I think a grizzly bear, a bird, and a girl are going to get involved in support of the walrus.


I’d back that gang any day :facepunch::joy:


Watch out if you are near Beckenham Place Park, there is a rock-hard squirrel after your nuts!


I’m safe with these guys because I don’t have any nuts :rofl::rofl::rofl:


In the terracotta corner - Half-man, Half-lion and joining the kitty pack - it’s the sphinx.


fighting won’t get us anywhere


The Cat In The Hat is always at mine & would defo fight off all of the above except the walrus I think :joy::joy::joy:

Anyone up for this chap, sure he could give you a run for your money :joy::joy::joy:


Brilliant response @ThorNogson
I had to look up where the statue is located. The answer is Dacres Road on the edge of a housing estate but even more interestingly it was sold off from the Crystal Palace Great Exhibition (further details).


I’ve walked past that statue on Dacres Road many times and often wondered where it came from, but always forgot by the time I got home to look it up.


I’d quite like it to be returned to Crystal Palace park, but I imagine there’s many who would not agree.


Lucy Horobin, presenter on Heart Radio, and SE23.life fan :star_struck:

Kudos for @Michael for a great topic! :trophy:


Rather nice to have the opportunity to re-read quite a funny thread.

Do you remember this one?

Perhaps we need a new section in the forum for humour to encourage more of this sort of thing. There is always a tendency to take things too seriously, especially in politics (and those political ‘humour’ threads aren’t welcome in a proper humour section).


Good idea :+1:

Did I miss any? https://se23.life/tags/humour


Housekeeping: I’ve split the last 3 posts to its own topic: Morninton Crescent… who’s for a game?. Lets the games begin!

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A similar fight has broken out over in Kensington. Nasty stuff!