Why is the bike high-viz thread closed?

I can see no reason whatsoever for that thread being closed. Sure, it was getting a bit sparky, but nothing like in the good (!!!) old days. This is an important debate about road safety. I don’t take an overly-enthusiastic pro-car standpoint (though I am a driver) but I want to challenge some of @clausy’s points. But a robust discussion has been closed down. Why? No lost cats involved?


I agree. Most people on bikes are also people who drive cars. It’s not two separate sides but working out a relationship between the two. There are arguments for riders wearing hi-viz and also against. For the sake of safety on our roads we should be encouraging open discussion which challenges everybody’s prior perceptions.

Isn’t that what a forum is about?


I think @ForestHull was quite right to close the thread. The OP was entirely reasonable and expressing a genuine and I would have thought universal concern.

It became an unpleasant tit for tat/them and us thread.

I came to this forum from The Other Place, which had become a very angry forum, where I and others were afraid to stick our heads above the parapet. By comparison, this forum is a safe place and I hope it stays that way.

Oh and remember the old ad? Wear something white in the night. The only criticism I remember of that was that it had to be changed to “Wear something bright in the night”. I don’t think anyone accused it of being anti pedestrian/cyclist.


I assumed the point of bumping the How to: Mute a topic thread was so that you could opt out of threads you find ‘tiring’. I wasn’t aware of anything getting flagged, usually the mods drop in a friendly hint or a warning.

If anything we could try to make it more SE23 related in terms of where people feel unsafe as pedestrians or cyclists, or where drivers feel they find it harder to spot vulnerable users so we can see if we can address it somehow.


Mike did say on the thread why it was closed. It was starting to get repetitive and nudging towards the them/us dynamic. From past experience, those types of threads usually spiral downwards and start to take more mod time; so we closed it.

@clausy makes a great point on using ‘Mute a topic’ but sadly that isn’t an option that the moderation team can really exercise.

If there’s genuinely a list of particular black spots for drivers/cyclists in the area, then sure, we can have a thread on that. But if it just ends up being more of ‘pavement cycling/hi vis/helmets / lights’ discussion that could apply anywhere, then it too will likely end up being short-lived.


The problem with the mute a topic option is that it feels a bit like closing one’s eyes and the bogeyman goes away. (I’m not calling anyone a bogeyman, I hasten to add).

I think the point is that it was closed out of the blue. Normally there’s some kind of ‘slow mode’ or posts get flagged which would indicate some kind of issue, or one would expect some kind of moderation guidance e.g. please keep it relevant to SE23. This time it just got closed.

As to the reasons given (‘The original post in this topic was fair, moderate and well liked’) I wonder if I posted a parallel thread almost word for word substituing a few words weather that would also be considered ‘moderate’ or would I be one of those activist dangerous idealist cyclists…

There are lots of posts on this site from motorists - I want to highlight a cyclist’s perspective.

As I cycled round the South Circular in the dark, there was a motorist who was driving in a black car who was weaving between the lanes of traffic. The car did not have its lights on and it was really hard to see it was there.

We all have to share the roads, so it makes sense that everyone can be seen and so be safe. Please motorists - cover your car in hi-viz or paint it fluorescent so you can be seen in the dark. Thank you! Oh and please stop getting distracted by your mobile phones.

I doubt there are any drivers who would feel the need to jump in to defend a car driver at night who is not using their lights.


I think at the end of the day we can all agree wearing bright clothing makes you easier to see and would make using the road a bit safer. But as a pedestrian I mostly wear dark clothing when crossing the road because COS and the like don’t sell Hi-viz and Hi-viz isn’t cool.

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OK… guys… this thread was on why the other one was closed. And if the same old point just re-appear on this thread, here’s the warning that this one will be closed too.


Firm but fair, we can ask no more of the moderators of this great site. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say keep up the good work.:+1:


I just didn’t think that moderator action was required. There wasn’t anything personal or abusive, as I recall.


I can’t speak for the mods, but in my past experience, you can get a feel for a thread and act accordingly. I think it’s fair to say they have acted on the side of caution, but in the past moderators have been accused of being too slow to act so now act more proactively where they think it’s necessary.

Of course you don’t know what you don’t know where the thread would end, but sometimes you might just look at it and think it’s not going to get better in terms of adding great debate, and I suspect that is where they were at, which I’d tend to agreee with.

…and sometimes, like most people, they just want to get on with enjoyable things in life!


There wasn’t anything abusive or personal. But the thread was going in circles and we’ve seen ones like that become argumentative in the past so to save our time, we preempted it to save ourselves time and hassle in what’s a busy week for us all.

With respect, I’ve now spent more time today than I really want to on this thread and I’ve got better things to do.


Are we now in the realms of ‘Minority Report’ where prosecutions are made before crimes are committed???


That seems fair, unlike the next point that you are going to make. :scream:


@AndyS and @Michael can you both stop please. I appreciate and value both of you. Can you both agree to disagree please. Thank you XOXO for both and an extra kiss for both xx I don’t even want to read the thread because I don’t want to be involved in something that may effect a friendly relationship I have.

@Michael @AndyS sorry for speaking my mind, you both know I always do. Can this convo be forgotten xx and just come to a sensible conclusion of forget it if not possible, makes sense x

@AndyS if I have said anything to offend you please accept my sincere apologies and the offer of a beer.

If i haven’t offended you then please accept an offer of a beer and an insult of your choosing.


Pauline, I’ve DM’d you twice but I can’t find any trace of them. Did you get my messages? Thanks!!