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Dear all,

I’ve created a Wiki on Wikia so that we can document the true gems of our local area. It can be found at and serves as a gift from me to the community.

I’ll try to seed the wiki with some initial content but I’d appreciate a couple of helpers.

Kind Regards,


P.S: If someone has a problem with my choice of Wiki Founder Username please note that my preferred usernames were taken up. I’d be happy to contact an admin here to hand off the account to them.


I don’t now if he’s stil alive or living in the area, but I remember there being a keen local historian called Steve Grindlay who may be able to help. The best people to ask on his whereabouts are the Forest Hill and Sydenham societies.


Steve is alive and active - he lives just round the corner from me.

What sort of thing might count as a ‘true gem of our local area’?


Personally I’m not really sure. Stuff like town history, maybe an anecdote or 2 will be fine. The idea is that if people pass on or move somewhere else the area’s history will be well documented for future generations.


Somebody has also decided to create an account on that site called (link to account). For various reasons in the community’s best interests, I must disable that account’s ability to use the community wiki and file an official complaint with Wikia to have the account disabled if you are unable to identify yourself as definitively representing the site and/or its staff team.

Please send me a Private Message here or reply on this thread within a reasonable period. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your access to the Wikia Wiki.


It was me, @AndyDoyle, so no need to panic. But thanks for the concern.


@ChrisBeach Would you prefer admin or something else on that site? I can change the tag at the top of the user page to read something like “Verified User” or similar if you prefer it that way.


A “Verified user” tag would be great, thanks


I can only make verified tags bind to a group on wiki (until I ask for a certain JavaScript based patch). I’ve therefore tied the verified tag to the Chat Moderator group and granted you admin on there (so you can make new Chat Moderators/Verified users)

Should I ask Wikia to deploy the JavaScript patch? It should be up in a day or two after I ask for it.


Sure, sounds good. Thank you.


JavaScript patch enabled and deployed.

Note for future wiki admins: To add a verified tag to a user edit this page and copy the line below (replace SomeUser with their wiki username)


To add additional tags to a user simply edit their tag as below (replace SomeUser with their wiki username)

SomeUser|Admin, Verified

We only ever use 2 tags per user (not technical limitation but social to stop tag flood and other issues) with the more important tag in front (in this case the admin tag).

The tag page is a protected interface page (which means admin rights on wiki are needed to edit it). Please advise me by DM or message somewhere if you need additional admins appointed. If you would prefer I can also give you the direct technical authority to appoint admins on wiki. Any user that wants admin on wiki must either be a member of this site’s staff team (admin or moderator) or duly elected by their peers somewhere (to be clarified later).

Sorry for the slew of stuff but I needed to get that across so that the community can help maintain the site better in future.